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2005 Fall Conference

Fall 2005

Session Presenter(s) Document
Accommodations, Modifications, and Assistive Technology Gayl Bowser, Douglas ESD Accommodations, Modifications, and Assistive Technology PowerPoint Presentation
Alternative Dispute Resolution Valerie Miller, ODE Comparison of Resolution Procedures MS Word Document

Mediation Handbook PDF Document
Assessment Decisions Kim Sherman, Central SD on behalf of ODE Assessment Decisions PowerPoint Presentation

Juried Assessment Manual Brochure PDF Document

Juried Assessment Manual PDF Document

AYP -What Counts for Participation and Performance MS Word Document

OSEP Statewide and Districtwide Assessment Guidance MS Word Document

Oregon Statewide Assessment Schedule 2005-2006 PDF Document
Business Managers Eric Richards, ODE
Brian Johnson, ODE
ODE Finance PowerPoint Presentation

OSEP Local Funding MS Word Document

OSEP State Funding MS Word Document
Child and Adolescent Intensity Instrument (CASII) Kathleen Burns, DHS
Matthew Pearl, DHS
Christianne Watt, ODE
Oregon Children's Mental Health System Change Initiative (DHS) External Link
Changes to the Oregon Standard IEP Jay Gense, ODE
Tricia Clair, ODE
Oregon Standard IEP MS Word Document
Charter Schools Rae Ann Ray, ODE
Joni Giles, ODE
Jim Green, OSBA
Margaret Bates, ODE
Oregon Public Charter School Handbook PDF Document
Discipline Jennifer Doolittle, ODE
Suzy Harris, ODE
Crisis Prevention PowerPoint Presentation

Disproportionality PowerPoint Presentation

IS Manifestation Chart MS Word Document

Is NOT Manifestation Chart MS Word Document

Manifestation Determination MS Word Document

Discipline for Students with Disabilities under IDEA 2004 in a Nutshell MS Word Document

ODE Discipline PowerPoint Presentation
The Evolution of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and Report Cards Jon Bridges, ODE AYP and Report Cards PowerPoint Presentation
Overview: Extended CLRAS & Extended Area Assessments Dianna Carrizales, ODE
Robyn Smith, Portland State University
Extended Subject Area Assessments PowerPoint Presentation
Functional Curriculum for Students with Severe Disabilities Barbara Jorgensen, Multnomah ESD
Linda Eastland, Multnomah ESD
Diane Bordelon, Multnomah ESD
Pat Romans, Multnomah ESD
Functional Curriculum for Students with Severe Disabilities PDF Document
IDEA 2004 and Fiscal Considerations Eric Richards, ODE ODE Finance PowerPoint Presentation

OSEP Local Funding MS Word Document

OSEP State Funding MS Word Document
IEP Facilitation Karen Hannan, Collaboration Works IEP Facilitation PowerPoint Presentation
IEP Pre-Meeting Conflict Prevention Actions - Checklist  MS Word Document
Legal Lessons Learned Suzy Harris, ODE Lessons Learned from Monitoring, Complaints, and Due Process Hearings PDF Document
Literacy Middle School and High School Drew Braun, Bethel SD
Pat Gildroy, Portland State University
Bethel Middle School Reading Initiative PowerPoint Presentation

Helping Struggling Secondary Readers PowerPoint Presentation
Management of Medical Problems in School Leslie Currin, ODE
Suzy Harris, ODE
Winston Cornwall, ODE
4 Disease Entities PowerPoint Presentation

Insulin Injections PDF Document
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in Oregon Susan Huggins, ODE Accommodations Provided in NAEP and Oregon State Assessments MS Word Document

Frequently Provided Accommodations MS Word Document

Accommodations Permitted by NAEP for Limited English Proficient Students MS Word Document

NAEP Criteria for Including Students with Disabilities MS Word Document

NAEP Limited English Proficient Inclusion Criteria MS Word Document
National Perspective on Secondary Transition Jane Falls, National Postschool Outcome Center
Ted Swigart, DHS
Nancy Hart, Lane Community College
Jackie Burr, ODE
2005 Clackamas Postsecondary Academy Report MS Word Document

Clackamas Community College Academy Flyer MS Word Document

Clackamas Postsecondary Workgroup Flyer MS Word Document

National Post-School Outcomes PowerPoint Presentation
New Sample Forms Suzy Harris, ODE School Age Forms
ODE Web Navigation Kim Sherman, Central SD on behalf of ODE ODE Web Navigation MS Word Document
OrPTI Parent Involvement Elizabeth Caplan, OrPTI
Janice Richards, OrPTI
Ann Saraceno, Jean Batton Swindells Family Resource Center
How Can Parent-Teacher Differences Be Prevented or Resolved? MS Word Document

OrPTI Presentation PowerPoint Presentation

Selected Parent Involvement Research MS Word Document

Parent Involvement: Does It Matter to Student Achievement? MS Word Document

The Journey to Common Ground PowerPoint Presentation

Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences MS Word Document
Oregon's Response to Intervention (OrRTI) Model Petrea Hagen-Gilden, Tigard-Tualatin SD Overview PowerPoint Presentation
Preparing to Participate Power Point Presentation
Next Steps Power Point Presentation
OrRTI Guidance Handbook MS Word Document
OrRTI Readiness Checklist MS Word Document
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports System (PBIS) Jeff Sprague, University of Oregon Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports PDF Document
Private Schools Rae Ann Ray, ODE ODE Private Schools PowerPoint Presentation

OSEP Private Schools MS Word Document
Reading First Russ Sweet, ODE
Mary Ann Smith, ODE
Oregon Reading First PowerPoint Presentation
Regional Program Autism Training Sites (RPATS) Jay Gense, ODE
Joel Arick, Portland State University
John Gill, Portland State University
Helen Young, Portland State University
RPATS: Regional Program Autism Training Site Project  PowerPoint Presentation
Regional Program Services in the New Biennium Jay Gense, ODE
Steve Woodcock, ODE
Oregon's Regional Programs in the New Biennium PowerPoint Presentation
Special Education Eligibility Using Response to Intervention (RTI) Dan Reschly, Vanderbilt University Special Education Eligibility Using Response to Intervention PowerPoint Presentation

Response to Intervention (RTI) in General, Remedial and Special Education PowerPoint Presentation
Second Language Learners with Special Education Needs Ken Kosco, Western Oregon University
Martha Villegas Gutierrez, Western Oregon University
Second Language Learners and Special Education PowerPoint Presentation
Secondary Transition and Higher Education Jackie Burr, ODE
Brigid Flannery, University of Oregon
Peter Fitzgerald, University of Oregon
Roz Slovik, University of Oregon
Mike Johnson, University of Oregon
Documentation Day Abstract MS Word Document

Documentation Day Psychological Report MS Word Document
Section 504: Program Guidance and Lessons Learned Winston Cornwall, ODE Section 504 General Concepts and Lessons Learned PowerPoint Presentation
Services for Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries Jay Gense, ODE
Steve Woodcock, ODE
Ann Glang, Teaching Research
Services for Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries PowerPoint Presentation
SPR&I Overview Tricia Clair, ODE SPR&I Annual Performance Reporting Concept Paper MS Word Document
State Reporting Requirements for Secondary Transition Jackie Burr, ODE
Pattie Johnson, Teaching Research
Marilyn Barlow, Teaching Research
State Reporting Requirements for Secondary Transition PowerPoint Presentation
Supporting and Retaining New Special Education Teachers Mark Schalock, Teaching Research Supporting and Retaining New Special Education Teachers PowerPoint Presentation
Targeting Evidenced Based Practices: Tools and Resources in Serving Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Jay Gense, ODE
Marilyn Gense, Willamette ESD
Annette Skowron-Gooch, Willamette ESD
Targeting Evidence Based Practices: Tools and Resources in Serving Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders PowerPoint Presentation
Transition and Effective Interagency Collaboration Jackie Burr, ODE
Clayton Rees, DHS
Molly Holsapple, DHS
Janice Richards, OrPTI
Shelley Joyce, OrPTI
The Basics of Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities Supported Employment MS Word Document

A Customer’s Guide to Using Vocational Rehabilitation and Other Resources to Get and Keep a Job MS Word Document

Transition Trainings offered by Oregon Parent Training and Information Center MS Word Document

Dream Café Flyer MS Word Document

How to Find Resources in Your Community PDF Document

ODE Transition Overview PowerPoint Presentation

ODE Transition Documents MS Word Document

Supported Employment Guidelines & Toolkit MS Word Document

Transition Basics PowerPoint Presentation

Transition Resources PDF Document
Universal Design in Instruction and Assessment Jennifer Doolittle, ODE Universal Design in Instruction and Assessment PowerPoint Presentation
Using National Data in the Classroom Susan Huggins, ODE Questions Tool PDF Document

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