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Alternative Education: Registered Private Alternative Schools

Common Indicators of Success for Alternative Education Programs
Clear rules enforced fairly and consistently: Rules are understood, enforced and often partially developed by students. There is opportunity for leadership and interaction with the adults who staff the program. High standards for behavior, attendance, and performance along with an emphasis on individual accountability and responsibility.


The following resources provide information regarding registered private alternative schools.

Registered Programs in Oregon

A private alternative program must be registered with the Department of Education before a school district may contract with or distribute public funds to the program. Standards for private alternative schools are further descirbed in OAR 581-021-0072. The resources below provide information and instructions on how to apply to become a registered private alternative program.

Oregon School Directory    
Reference the Oregon School Directory for the most up to date version of school and private alternative school information.

Private Alternative School Registration Materials

Private alternative schools wishing to register with the Oregon Department of Education and serve public school students. The application will include institution update information, staff roster page, and required annual assurances for laws pertaining to alternative education. Currently registered private alternative schools will receive a registration renewal packet in March. Both new and renewal applications for registration are due March 31.
  • Standards for Private Alternative Education Programs PDF   09/30/2004 (65.61 KB)
    In December, 2002, the State Board of Education approved standards for private alternative programs. The purpose of the standards is to "ensure a safe educational environment and instructional program that provides students with an opportunity to make progress toward achieving state academic content and performance standards and successful social and educational transitions to their next steps in life."

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  • Alternative Education: Toolkits for Districts
    Choose a toolkit to Self-Assess District Policies and Procedures, Approve Programs, or Evaluate Programs. Each toolkit may be copied into a word file and modified. A toolkit may be updated periodically in response to changes in Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules, or in response to comments.

  • Student Records - Management and Retention
    The Oregon State Board of Education adopts by rule standards for the creation, use, retention, custody and disclosure, including access of student education records that are consistent with the requirements of the applicable state and federal law.
  • Private School Registration Update
    Information and links to the Private School Directory; Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and other useful information for families considering private school education.
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