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Conversion Tables: Scale Score to Percentile Rank

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Conversion tables for Smarter Balanced (English Language Arts and Mathematics) and OAKS Science scale scores to percentile rank

2015-2016 Excel Spreadsheet New  09/15/2016 (1.18 MB)

2014-2015 Excel Spreadsheet  11/16/2015 (929.24 KB)


Please note: With the transition from the OAKS assessment to the Smarter Balanced assessment, ODE is aware that IEP teams may need guidance in calculating Essential Skills modified cut scores for students working toward a modified diploma. The following steps are intended to assist IEP teams in converting a student’s scores from the OAKS assessment to equate with their scores on the Smarter Balanced assessment in order to arrive at a specific modified cut score for a student:
  • Step 1: Identify the student’s OAKS Math or Reading score and percentile from previous year(s) assessment. Consult the OAKS percentile tables linked below.
  • Step 2: Using the student’s OAKS Math or Reading score and percentile from previous year(s), find the specific content area’s percentile and range of scores within the content area (ELA-Reading or Mathematics) on the Smarter Balanced percentile tables linked above.
  • Step 3: Using the Smarter Balanced percentile and range of scores as well as your district’s protocol, identify the specific “modified cut score” for the student and put this score on the Statewide Assessment page of the student’s IEP.
For additional information, please contact Brad Lenhardt at Brad.Lenhardt@state.or.us Email.

Conversion tables for OAKS Reading/Literature, Mathematics, and Science scale scores to percentile rank

2013-2014 Excel Spreadsheet

2012-2013 Excel Spreadsheet

2011-2012 Excel Spreadsheet

2010-2011 Excel Spreadsheet

2009-2010 Excel Spreadsheet

2008-2009 Excel Spreadsheet

2007-2008 Excel Spreadsheet

2006-2007 Excel Spreadsheet

2005-2006 Excel Spreadsheet

2004-2005 Excel Spreadsheet

2003-2004 Excel Spreadsheet


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