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Reading and Literature Knowledge and Skills

Girl reading

  • How to Read K/S Test Results PDF  08/31/2006 (247.98 KB)
  • Content Standards   12/15/2011 (19.02 KB)
    Customize a standards document to meet your specific needs. Download the standards for an entire grade, or select several grades within the same subject to create a version of the standards that works for you.
  • Reading Glossary PDF  09/29/2006 (24.71 KB)
  • Shared Teacher Tips PDF  09/29/2006 (15.88 KB)

  • Score Reporting Categories
  • Assessment Sampler

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  • Test Administration Manual
    The Test Administration Manual outlines policies and procedures that all school and district staff involved in administration of the Oregon Statewide Assessments are required to know and understand before administering any Oregon Statewide Assessment.

  • Ken Hermens Email    (503) 947-5830
    Assessment - Specialist, English Language Arts

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