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Assessment Guidance

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recognizes that educators at all levels of leadership are faced with many complex decisions around assessment planning. The guidance posted on this page will represent a growing body of resources that districts can use to evaluate the quality of assessments whether they are purchased from an outside source or developed internally.

Resources Currently Available

Oregon Assessment Guidance PDF
Includes Oregon Criteria for High Quality Assessments, which districts can use to evaluate the quality of assessments whether they are purchased from an outside source or developed internally as well as assessment vocabulary and other planning considerations.

Assessment Guidance Presentation from Summer Assessment Institute PowerPoint
Includes context and considerations for using the Assessment Guidance when making decisions about district determined measures.

Draft List of Open Educational Resources PDF
Includes a list of sources of open educational resources. ODE is not endorsing the use of any of these websites. The purpose of the list is informational only. ODE has not verified or evaluated the quality of information in these websites.

Draft Assessment Development Reflection Questions Aligned with Oregon Criteria for High Quality Assessments Word
Resource for supporting districts in reflection during local assessment development; encourages consideration of the Oregon Criteria for High Quality Assessments.

Draft Commercial Common Core Interim and/or Formative Assessments Excel Spreadsheet
Includes a list of commercial interim and/or formative assessments for Common Core. The purpose of the list is informational only. The information contained in this list is the result of ODE collecting information from through a survey that assessment companies could complete. ODE has not verified the information from the assessment companies, and ODE will not be developing any contracts with companies as a result of this list. ODE will be updating the list to include additional information as it becomes available.

Future Development

By the end of summer, 2014
  • For assessment purchasing, ODE will provide questions that district decision makers could ask test developers about how test questions or tasks are created and then evaluated for quality.
  • ODE will post an updated version based on feedback in late August; the release of the updated version will be announced in the Assessment & Accountability Update.

By June 2015
  • As a part of the Strategic Initiatives, ODE will contract with a technical assistance provider to develop modules related to assessment development and scoring; these will be made available to support developing high quality questions or tasks, assembling effective assessments, and producing reliable scores. Four districts will receive contracts to focus on building their local assessment capacity and these districts will be identified as resources for nearby districts.

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Testing - Student Assessment
This site contains information about the development, administration, and reports of the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS), along with materials such as sample tests and scored student work.

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