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Best Practices Guide for Administering OAKS

In response to ORS 329.486, ODE has collaborated with stakeholders to produce a best practices guide for administering OAKS to help schools and districts develop test administration policies and procedures that maximize the usefulness of assessment data and minimize the impact on instruction. As directed by ORS 329.486, the Best Practices Guide includes guidance around appropriately administering the OAKS as a summative assessment and around retesting students in grades 3 - 8 who have already met or exceeded the achievement standards. The Oregon State Board of Education formally adopted the Best Practices Guide on January 20, 2012. To assist districts in developing their communication strategies around retesting, ODE has also provided sample parent letters in both English and Spanish.

Test Administration Manual

Parts I - VIII of the Test Administration Manual contain test administration and security policies. Specific procedures and guidelines for administering particular assessments are contained in Appendices A - P located at the end of the manual. Appendix P is the glossary of terms which must be consistently used for effective communication about the Oregon Statewide Assessments. These appendices contain important information that must be used for valid administration of the Oregon Statewide Assessments.

Test Administrators must read and understand Parts I - V and Appendices A & P of the manual, as well as all appendices pertaining to those specific assessments which the Test Administrator will be administering.

School Test Coordinators must read and understand Parts I - VIII and all appendices of the manual.

District Test Coordinators must read and understand Parts I - VIII and all appendices of the manual.

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