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Special Education Data Collection Forms

  • Post Submission Correction Form 581-1092-O (Revised June 2014) Word MS-Word| PDF PDF
  • SECC School Programs Form 581-5168a-Q (Revised August 2015)   Word Word Document   | PDF PDF
  • SECC EI/ECSE Programs Form 581-5168-E (Revised August 2015)   Word Word Document   | PDF PDF
  • Child Find Form 581-1356-D (Revised August 2015) Word MS-Word | PDF PDF
  • District/Consortium SECC Contact Information Form 581-1442-M (Revised July 2014) Word MS-Word | PDF PDF
    It is the responsibility of each agency to submit a new form annually or when an update is needed.

Additional Links
  • Annual Application and Statement of Assurance
    The Annual Application is used by school districts and other agencies to apply for federal flow-through grant funds under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The form due date is June 1, 2015.
  • Coordinated Early Intervening Services Form
    Form 581-1314-N. The Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) data collection form is due October 2, 2015. Instructions and CEIS Form 581-1314-N are located on the Optional Use of IDEA Funds webpage.

  • Trish Lutgen Email    (503) 947-5798
    IDEA Compliance & District Resources - Special Education Research Analyst
  • Jackie McKim Email    (503) 947-5629
    IDEA Compliance & District Resources - Special Education Research Analyst
  • Wesley Mouw Email    (503) 947-5817
    IDEA Compliance & District Resources - Research Analyst
  • Cynthia Garton Email    (503) 947-5696
    Student Services Support Staff - Office Specialist 2

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