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Mathematics Sample Tests

Pencil with protractor The Oregon Department of Education provides paper-pencil sample tests to demonstrate the content and types of questions students at grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and High School might encounter on the Oregon Statewide Mathematics (multiple-choice) Assessment administered each year.

Sample Tests for each grade, aligned to the new standards are available through the links listed below. Alignment of the items to the standards and the answer key are included at the back of each test. These documents are downloadable using either Internet Explorer or Firefox/Mozilla.

OAKS Online Practice Tests
Practice tests that are aligned to the new standards for each grade are available on the OAKS Online website. These tests are computer adaptive and will be available starting Thursday, September 16, 2010 at this location: OAKS Online Practice Test Site.

The downloadable Sample Tests and the Online Practice Tests contain released items from previous Oregon Tests. Aligned to the 2007/2009 Oregon Mathematics Content Standards, the tests are intended to give students some experience with the look and feel of the actual OAKS Online test. The item bank covers a subset rather than the entire breadth and depth of the standards. The OAKS Online test draws from a large number of items and has a wide range of item difficulty and item complexity intended to adapt to the full range of student proficiencies.

OAKS Onscreen Calculator
Students can access the OAKS calculator outside of the testing environment. Click here for the calculator used on the grade 3, 4, and 5 mathematics tests, here for the calculator used on the grade 6 and 7 mathematics tests, and here for the calculator used on the grade 8 and high school mathematics tests.

Paper-Pencil Sample Tests
  • Grade 3
    • English PDF   01/24/2012 (981.39 KB)
    • Spanish PDF   01/24/2012 (3.61 MB)
  • Grade 4
    • English PDF   07/11/2013 (1.18 MB)
    • Spanish PDF   01/24/2012 (3.63 MB)
  • Grade 5
    • English PDF   01/24/2012 (929.31 KB)
    • Spanish PDF   01/24/2012 (3.65 MB)
  • Grade 6
    • English PDF   01/24/2012 (1.12 MB)
    • Spanish PDF   01/24/2012 (3.68 MB)
  • Grade 7
    • English PDF   01/24/2012 (1.12 MB)
    • Spanish PDF   01/24/2012 (3.68 MB)
  • Grade 8
    • English PDF   01/24/2012 (1.18 MB)
    • Spanish PDF   01/24/2012 (3.64 MB)
  • High School
    • English PDF   01/24/2012 (963.73 KB)
    • Spanish PDF   01/24/2012 (3.67 MB)

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