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Resources and Research for Oregon's District Improvement Indicators

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Complete Document

Download the district level Resources and Research document. PDF   09/22/2015 (2.26 MB)
This document describes each of Oregon's district improvement indicators used in Indistar. For each indicator, we provide answers to why the indicator is important and how it might be implemented as well as links to online resources and research for further investigation.

If the document opens in the browser window rather than in a PDF reader program, you should save it to your computer using the save feature in your browser. The document is named oregon_randrs_for_indistar_district_level.pdf.

Key Areas

Other Pages related to CIP and Indistar

  • Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP)
    Planning for improvement leading to increased levels of student achievement requires clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the local school district and the state.

  • Jan McCoy Email    (503) 947-5704
    Data, Operations and Grant Management - Specialist, Research and Planning