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Educator Effectiveness

During April and May, ODE staff received feedback from districts regarding the initial drafts and the timeline for the PRP process. As a result, the PRP Guidelines and Self-Appraisal tool have been revised and the timeline for panelist selection and PRP training extended to the fall. The process and tools were piloted with selected districts during June 2014 and as a result of the pilot have been revised and are now posted.


  • ODE has developed criteria for districts to select individuals to serve as panel members. Districts may propose two to three names of individuals who meet the criteria to be included in the region’s panelist pool. It is not required that all districts identify panelists; however, it is highly encouraged as a collaborative leadership opportunity.
  • A staff member in each ESD has been identified to coordinate the process in their region. Districts should submit panelist names to the person their ESD established as the ESD’s PRP contact person. PDF
  • Training of panelists serving on PRPs will occur in September-October, 2014. ODE is working with ESDs to schedule the trainings within regional groups of ESDs.
  • Funding will be made available to reimburse travel associated with district representatives presenting to a Peer Review Panel as well as to panelists serving on a PRP.

You can find more detailed information on the PRP process and revised timeline here.


  • Click here Media Player to view the webinar from 9/19/2014 for ESDs on the PRP process.

PRP Documents

  • PowerPoint (Revised July 2014) Power Point Presentation  08/05/2014 (133.85 KB)
  • Peer Review Panelist Selection Criteria PDF   07/30/2014 (81.51 KB)
  • Peer Review Panel Guidance (Revised July 2014) PDF   08/27/2014 (483.85 KB)
    The purpose of this document is to guide districts in preparing for a presentation of their educator evaluation and support system for teachers and administrators to a regional PRP. The Peer Review Panel Guidelines have been revised and the timeline for panelist selection and PRP training has been extended to the fall of 2014..
  • Peer Review Panel Self-Appraisal Tool (Revised July 2014) MS-Word  10/22/2014 (132.63 KB)
    The self-appraisal tool is provided to assist districts in reviewing their evaluation systems prior to meeting with the Peer Review Panel. The Peer Review Panel Guidelines have been revised and the timeline for panelist selection and PRP training has been extended to the fall of 2014.
  • Peer Review Panel District Summary Template MS-Word  08/06/2014 (49.10 KB)
    This template is used by the district to summarize the results of the self-appraisal. It is submitted to the ESD contact two weeks prior to the district’s PRP.
  • PRP Submission Checklist for Districts MS-Word   11/04/2014 (36 KB)
    This checklist is provided for districts as they prepare materials for submission to the Peer Review Panel.
  • Peer Review Panel Notetaking Template MS-Word  09/03/2014 (55.61 KB)
    This template can be used by panelists as they conduct their individual review of district materials. It is provided as a tool only; it is not required.
  • Peer Review Panel Final Summary Template MS-Word  08/06/2014 (48.75 KB)
    This document is completed by panelists following the Peer Review Panel. It is submitted to district representative(s) and the ESD contact within two weeks of the district’s PRP.
  • Peer Review Panel Timeline MS-Word   09/03/2014 (32 KB)
    This timeline is provided for ESDs to coordinate the PRP process, but districts may find it helpful as well.

  • Theresa Richards Email    (503) 947-5736
    Educator Effectiveness - Director
  • Tanya Frisendahl Email    (503) 947-5754
    Educator Effectiveness - Education Specialist
  • Sarah Martin Email    (503) 947-5668
    Educator Effectiveness - Ed. Specialist, Instructional Resources
  • Sarah Phillips Email    (503) 947-5783
    Educator Effectiveness - Education Program Specialist
  • Brian Putnam Email    (503) 947-5806
    Educator Effectiveness - Educator Effectiveness Specialist

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