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District/ESD Professional Learning Teams (PLT)

Educator Effectiveness District/ESD Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) are collaborative teams of teachers and building/district administrators who support district-wide implementation of the Oregon Framework (SB290/ESEA waiver) and the Common Core State Standards in a manner specific to each district/ESD’s needs.

PLTs will work to increase communication and clarification of educator expectations between the Oregon Department of Education and schools throughout the state. Through Oregon’s Network for Quality Teaching and Learning, ODE will provide financial and professional development support.

  • District Professional Learning Team Description

  • ESD Professional Learning Team Description

    Network for Quality Teaching and Learning Application and Budget for Funding
    Districts participating in the EE/CCSS Professional Learning Conferences must complete and submit the attached budget worksheet and narrative for approval between January 2, 2014 and May 1, 2014.

    Professional Learning Team Exemplar Applications

    2014 - 2015 Conference Dates

    Fall 2014

    Winter/Spring 2015

    Summer 2015

    September 25 - 26, Portland

    October 7 - 8, Eugene

    October 14 - 15, LaGrande

    February 10 - 11, Eugene

    February 19 - 20, Portland

    March 3 - 4, LaGrande

    June 10, Umatilla

    June 23, Portland

    June 25, Eugene

    Check out the PLT Conference Website for previous PLT Conference materials and other resources.


  • June 2014 PLT Conferences

    The materials below are from the one day PLT conferences held in June in Umatilla, Portland, and Eugene.
    • Agenda MS-Word  06/03/2014 (199.02 KB)

    • Assessment Guidance PPT Power Point Presentation  06/25/2014 (221.99 KB)
      This PowerPoint was presented as part of the general session and outlines the assessment guidance available for district use in evaluating and creating assessments.
    • Oregon Assessment Guidance PDF   06/06/2014 (219.95 KB)
      Includes Oregon Criteria for High Quality Assessments, which districts can use to evaluate the quality of assessments whether they are purchased from an outside source or developed internally as well as assessment vocabulary and other planning considerations.
    • Oregon Matrix Model PPT Power Point Presentation  Updated 08/25/2014 (334.29 KB)
      This PowerPoint was presented as part of the general afternoon session and outlines Oregon's Matrix Model for determining summative ratings as required by the ESEA Waiver.
    • Oregon Matrix Model for Educator Evaluation (APPROVAL PENDING) Word MS-Word  Updated 09/15/2014 (54.17 KB)
      This model is still PENDING USED APPROVAL. It is being shared for information purposes only and districts should be aware that its contents may change.

    Inter-rater Reliability

    Student Learning and Growth Goals

    Material from previous conferences may be found here

    • Nicole Dalton Email    (503) 947-5603
      Common Core/College and Career Readiness - Education Program Specialist
    • Kim Patterson Email    (503) 947-5713
      Common Core/College and Career Readiness - Director
    • Sarah Phillips Email    (503) 947-5783
      Educator Effectiveness - Education Program Specialist
    • Theresa Richards Email    (503) 947-5736
      Educator Effectiveness - Director

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