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The School Nurse web pages offer information which provides various health resources to Oregon students, parents of students, and school staff. For more information on these or other health-related subjects, see contacts below.

School Health Screenings
The School Health Screenings web page offers information and resources related to various school health screenings.

    Dental Screening - Resources and Information
    The Dental Screening web page provides various health resources regarding school dental screenings and collection of dental screening certificates for Oregon school district staff and parents of students.

Student Health Conditions
Student Health Conditions web page offers information related to various student health conditions.

Medication Resources
The Medication Resources web page offers information and training resources related to the administration of medication in schools.

Student Health Privacy
The Student Health Privacy web page provides privacy information and resources related to student health.

Other School Nurse Resources
  • Senate Bill 79 Frequently Asked Questions MS-Word   04/12/2016 (31 KB)
    Frequently Asked Questions for Senate Bill 79, CPR Instruction for grades 7-12.
  • Health Overview PDF   04/03/2012 (188.58 KB)
    Each school district establishes policies and procedures which specify what health information is requested and how the information is utilized and managed.
  • School-Based Health Centers PDF   05/01/2012 (158.13 KB)
    School-Based Helath Centers provide a variety of health services for students.
  • School Nurses Annual Report    
    Report on Medically Fragile Data
  • School Nurses Task Force    
    Findings and recommendations regarding future directions for Oregon school health delivery.

  • Ely Sanders-Wilcox Email    (503) 947-5904
    Education Programs & Assessment - Sexual Health and School Health Specialist