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The School Nurse web pages offer information which provides various health resources to Oregon students, parents of students, and school staff. For more information on these or other health-related subjects, see contacts below.

  • Resources for Crisis and Trauma Response  External Link  
    This page contains resources for adults, parents, teachers and students dealing with a traumatic event.
  • Asthma - Document for Students with Special Health Care Needs PDF   04/06/2012 (178.23 KB)
    Students with special health care needs - asthma - regulations, overview, guidance, & resources
  • Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) resources  External Link  
    This link connects you to the Oregon State University-maintained ‘ Integrated Pest Management in Schools’ website.
  • Blood Pressure Screening PDF   03/19/2012 (228.62 KB)
    Blood pressure measurement is an indicator of heart function.
  • Communicable Disease PDF   05/29/2014 (557.73 KB)
    This document discusses the presence of communicable diseases in the school setting - August, 2012.
  • Diabetes PDF   04/06/2012 (213.30 KB)
  • FERPA/HIPAA Applicability to Health Care in Schools PDF   12/04/2008 (960.59 KB)
    Memo from the Oregon Attorney General's Office on how HIPPA/FERPA affects school-based health centers and school nurses.
  • FERPA/HIPAA FAQ PDF   12/04/2008 (262.31 KB)
    Frequently asked questions on the sharing of information by school nurses and school-based health centers.
  • Guide for Obtaining Appropriate Assessments and Support for School Health Services PDF   04/04/2012 (210.66 KB)
    A guide of specialists generally acknowledged in the school community to have the highest level of professional preparation and experience to address school-based health issues by functional category.
  • Health Overview PDF   04/03/2012 (188.58 KB)
    Each school district establishes policies and procedures which specify what health information is requested and how the information is utilized and managed.
  • Hearing Screening PDF   03/19/2012 (367.81 KB)
    Hearing screenings promote identification of hearing deficiencies in order to provide early intervention to prevent or minimize effects on educational progress.
  • Height and Weight Screening PDF   04/06/2012 (213.98 KB)
    Height and weight measurements are one component of a physical examination that may help identify significant health problems.
  • HB 3000 Vision Screening Report PDF   11/26/2013 (198.03 KB)
    Resources for Administering Vision Screening in Oregon Schools per House Bill 3000. (December 2013)
  • House Bill 2693 PDF   09/28/2012 (402.78 KB)
    Nurses in schools and students with certain medical impairments report.
  • Injectable Medication Administration PDF   05/01/2012 (268.17 KB)
  • School Nurses Annual Report    
    Report on Medically Fragile Data
  • Medication Administration PDF   03/07/2013 (204.57 KB)
    Regulations address the responsibility of school personnel for administering prescription medications scheduled to be given during school hours or nonprescription medications that are necessary for the child to remain in school.
  • MRSA    
    Links to information on this bacterial infection in the school setting.
  • Posture Screening PDF   04/06/2012 (251.20 KB)
    Guidance on spinal screening if conducted by schools.
  • School-Based Health Centers PDF   05/01/2012 (158.13 KB)
    School-Based Helath Centers provide a variety of health services for students.
  • School Health Screening Record PDF   12/14/2011 (157.86 KB)
    School document used to record student health information.
  • School Nurse Report Excel Spreadsheet   09/28/2012 (71.50 KB)
    2011-2012 school nurse data from the districts.
  • School Nurses Task Force    
    Findings and recommendations regarding future directions for Oregon school health delivery.
  • Severe Allergies PDF   04/06/2012 (262.31 KB)
    Management of students with severe allergies must be conducted 24 hours a day, and certainly will include the hours which the student spends in school.
  • Tuberculosis PDF   05/01/2012 (268.93 KB)
    Guidance and resources for school districts.
  • Vision Screening Pilot Project    
    Result of pilot program, mandated by the 2009 Oregon Legislature, to measure children's vision.

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    Education Programs & Assessment - Education Program Specialist