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Educator Effectiveness Toolkit - Elements of the Oregon Framework

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Educator Effectiveness

In June 2012 the Oregon State Board of Education endorsed the Oregon Framework for Teacher and Administrator Evaluation and Support Systems. Incorporating state requirements from SB 290 (2011 legislation) and the ESEA Flexibility Waiver criteria, the Framework provides guidance for the development of local (district) evaluation and support systems designed to promote professional growth and improve student outcomes.

Elements of the Oregon Framework


The goals for the evaluation system — what you want it to do — guide both its design and implementation.

Collaborative Partnerships

A collaborative process involving teachers and administrators will result in meaningful evaluations and a stronger evaluation system.


The state adopted standards define what teachers and administrators should know and be able to do to ensure that every student is ready for college, careers and engaged citizenship in today’s world.

Differentiated Performance Levels

Research indicates that using a rubric with four levels and clear descriptors will result in a more objective rating of performance. Descriptors can be used to guide individuals toward improving their practice at the next performance level.

Professional Practice

Evidence of the quality of the teacher's planning, delivery of instruction, and assessment of student learning and the administrator's school leadership practices, teacher effectiveness, and organizational conditions.

Professional Responsibilities

Evidence of the educator's progress toward their own professional goals and contribution to schoolwide and district goals.

Student Learning & Growth

Evidence of the educator’s contribution to student learning and growth.

Evaluation Cycle & Aligned Learning

Evaluation systems are based on a cycle of continuous professional growth and provide high quality professional learning that is sustained, focused, and relevant to the educator’s goals and needs.

Supporting Documents

Oregon Framework for Teacher & Administrator Evaluation and Support Systems
The purpose of the state framework is to provide districts guidance as they develop or align and implement local systems.

SB 290 Action Plan Document (Chalkboard Project)
These materials are designed to help district teams organize their work related to SB 290. The worksheets are focused on each of the five required elements.

Teacher Evaluation and Support System Guidebook (OEA)
This guidebook from OEA and the Center for Great Public Schools provides guidance for building an effective, collaboratively designed evaluation system.

Roadmap to Success: What does my district need to do?
This document provides information on the process districts may choose to follow to complete their evaluation and support system.

Template for District Evaluation and Support Systems
This template was created to provide an example format for districts to use as they develop their evaluation and support system.

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