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Reporters - Information for Researchers and Media

ODE Communications receives calls from reporters on a daily basis, and we work hard to maintain effective, credible working relationships with news organizations. Please contact Our Communications Office if you are a reporter on deadline.
  • ODE Communications and Research Contact:

  • Communications Director : Crystal Greene, crystal.greene@state.or.us eMail, 503-947-5650

  • Where can I find current education news?

  • The Oregon Department of Education offers access to the latest K-12 education news in a variety of formats, including a range of Publications, News Releases and Announcements.

  • How do I find current school data?

  • The Oregon Department of Education provides a web page for school report cards, which include student demographics, performance data, academic growth, student attendance, staff information and more.

  • How do I find an education rule/law/statute?

  • The Oregon Administrative Rules are listed at: http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/pages/rules/oars_500/oar_581/581_tofc.html

    The Oregon Statutes are listed at: http://www.leg.state.or.us/ors/home.htm

  • How do I request access to public records?

  • The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) responds to requests for public records as described in its Public Records Requests policy PDF.

    The policy outlines the fees the agency charges for records, and the process the agency uses to fulfill requests.

    If you want to request a public record from ODE, please send your written request to the ODE Public Records Coordinator at the address below, or send in an e-mail eMail.

    Send your request for a public record to this address:
    Crystal Greene
    Communications Director
    Oregon Department of Education
    255 Capitol St. NE
    Salem, OR 97301

For school contact information, access our current school directory here

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  • Crystal Greene Email    (503) 947-5650
    Communications - Communications Director

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