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NOTE: These templates are not being used for the 2013-14 School and District Report Cards. ODE has developed a web-based data collection for school and district personnel to input data for both Spanish and English versions of the Principal or Superintendent Letter and Curriculum and Learning Environment data. The Supplemental Data Collection is available within the Achievement Data Insight (ADI) application on the ODE secure district website: https://district.ode.state.or.us/apps/AchvmntDataInsight/cllctn.aspx?id=353.

Report Cards SY 2012-2013 District and School Templates


  • Step 1: Click on the link for your school ID number. If you don’t know your district or school I.D. number you may find it using the Institution ID Search.
  • More detailed guidelines are provided in tabs within the spreadsheet you will download.
  • Step 2: The spreadsheet contains colored tabs titled "content-spanish", "content-english" and "freshmen_on_track". Grey boxes indicate fields that require a response.
  • Step 3: Submit the file to ODE using the Secure File Transfer Process * to Drew Hinds eMail by August 30, 2013.


Report Cards School Year 2012-13 District ID 1894 - 1970

Report Cards School Year 2012-13 District ID 1972 - 2052

Report Cards School Year 2012-13 District ID 2053 - 2100

Report Cards School Year 2012-13 District ID 2101 - 2147

Report Cards School Year 2012-13 District ID 2180 - 2208

Report Cards School Year 2012-13 District ID 2209 - 3997

Report Cards School Year 2012-13 District ID 4131

*Further instructions to complete the Secure File Transfer Process:

  • Under the section titled “Who Receives the File?” select “Drew Hinds” from the “ODE Email List” box and use the right arrow to move it to the “ODE Recipients” box.
  • Under the section titled “Who is Sending the File?” enter your email address in the textbox.
  • Under the section titled “Locate your file to send:” Use the browse feature to select the file you wish to send.
  • Complete the “Image Validation” test.
  • Select the “Send File” button at the bottom of the page, when you are ready to securely transfer the completed spreadsheet.

Contact the ODE Helpdesk at (503) 947-5715 if you need assistance with the Secure File Transfer Process.

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