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This webpage is designed to provide resources specifically to help district and school staff administer the statewide Kindergarten Assessment. For more information about Oregon’s Kindergarten Assessment, visit Oregon's Early Learning System Website.


Beginning in fall 2013, school districts are implementing the new statewide Kindergarten Assessment in early literacy, early math and approaches to learning. The assessment is designed to focus on domains that are strongly linked to 3rd grade reading and future academic success as well as to align with current assessment practices in Oregon’s kindergarten and elementary schools. The information provides a snapshot for communities and schools on the fluency, numeracy, and approaches to learning skills that students have when they enter kindergarten. For more information on the research behind the measures, please consult the Kindergarten Assessment Summary Report PDF.

2013-2014 Statewide Kindergarten Assessment Data Reporting

  • 2013-14 Statewide Kindergarten Assessment - Look Back Report Excel Spreadsheet
    This "Look Back" report shows the school, district, and state level results from the 2013-14 Kindergarten Assessment. This report was updated with new subgroups for data disaggregation based on the 2013-14 Third Period Cumulative ADM Collections data submitted in May of 2014 and validated in August of 2014. These additional subgroups are Economically Disadvantaged students, Limited English Proficient students, and Students with Disabilities. This report also contains the previously-reported Gender and Ethnicity student subgroups.

    Reminder: these are the 2013-14 results. The 2014-15 Kindergarten Assessment reports will be released on January 13, 2015.

  • 2013-2014 Statewide Kindergarten Assessment Results Excel Spreadsheet
    This report shows the school, district, and state level results from the 2013-14 Kindergarten Assessment.
  • Oregon Kindergarten Assessment School and District Report Overview PDF
    This document provides a brief description of the assessment, the reporting schedule for 2013-14 results, suggested uses of the data, and cautions in interpreting the results. Links are provided to additional documents describing prior research on the assessment instruments and the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment Specifications.
  • Oregon Kindergarten Assessment Report Specifications (updated December 2014) PDF
    This document describes the technical specifications for each type of report contained in this data release.

Kindergarten Assessment Training

Related Resources

  • Elizabeth French Email    (503) 947-5978
    Assessment - Education Program Specialist

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