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School Appraisal Reports

This page is left for historical purposes.

Overview of School Appraisal Visit

During the winter of 2013, Priority and Focus Schools were visited by small school appraisal teams that spent two to four days at each school depending on the size of the school.

The school appraisal process was comprised of a set of standardized protocols. Appraisal activities included the following:
  1. All licensed teachers in the school participated in a confidential online survey.
  2. Twenty-minute observations took place in classrooms during the course of the visit. Data from these observations were aggregated to provide an overall picture of instruction in your school. They were not used in any way for performance evaluation of individuals.
  3. Staff interviews were conducted with the principal, superintendent, randomly selected teachers representing a variety of grade levels, and other instructional leaders such as an instructional coach or Title I coordinator.
  4. Parent surveys were conducted with individual parents by appraisal team members. For schools where fewer than 10 parent surveys were returned, these data are not included in the analysis. Data collected were aggregated and analyzed.

Reports from these appraisals are linked below sorted by district and school.

School Appraisal Interview Questions

 PDF   04/04/2013 (213.71 KB)

School's Prescribed Interventions

 PDF   05/21/2013 (114.93 KB)

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