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Educator Effectiveness Toolkit - Assurance Template

Educator Effectiveness

By July 1, 2013, all school districts must submit to ODE a statement of assurance regarding their evaluation and support system and implementation plan and its alignment to the requirements outlined in the Oregon Framework.

Documents Required from All Districts

Additional Documents Required from Districts not Using ODE Adopted Standards & Recommended Rubrics

District Assurance Template
All districts must submit this form-fillable PDF by July 1, 2013.
Crosswalk for District Standards for Teacher Professional Practice
PLEASE NOTE: You are encouraged to use Internet Explorer or Safari to complete this form. Users of both Firefox and Chrome have experienced problems. Crosswalk for District Standards for Administrator Professional Practice
Gap Analysis for District Teacher Performance Rubrics
Gap Analysis for District Administrator Performance Rubrics

Additional Resources

Guidance for Implementation Plans
This document outlines the recommended components for district implementation plans from section C of the Assurances Template. Please use this document as a guide for developing and submitting your district implementation plan.

Directions for Submission

1. All submissions must be emailed by July 1, 2013 to ode.evaluation@state.or.us eMail.

2. Any district using standards or rubrics other than those recommended by ODE must attach copies of their crosswalks/gap analyses to the email along with the assurance document.

3. Please title your email with your district name and "Educator Evaluation and Support System". Example: ABC School District Educator Evaluation and Support System

4. Please mail a hard copy of the signature page with original signatures to:

Oregon Department of Education
Attention: Camilla Hoexter
255 Captiol St NE
Salem, OR 97310

If your email submission is bounced back because it is too large, please use the Secure File Transfer Process.

Email Sarah Martin eMail with any questions about the assurance template or how to submit your assurance.

In submitting this document, the district assures that its evaluation and support system and implementation plan includes:
  • State adopted Model Core Teaching Standards and Educational Leadership/Administrator Standards,
    • NOTE: If the district is using other standards, crosswalks of those standards to the state adopted standards must be included as part of the submission
  • State recommended scoring rubrics that include four performance levels,
    • NOTE: If the district is using other rubrics, crosswalks/gap analyses of those rubrics to the state adopted standards must be included as part of the submission
  • District selected multiple measures from the three categories of evidence:
    (1) professional practice, (2) professional responsibilities, and (3) student learning and growth (as a significant factor),

  • Professional growth and evaluation cycle, including use of evaluations for personnel decisions,

  • Aligned professional learning opportunities,

  • An implementation and training plan on the local evaluation system that assures a high degree of inter-rater reliability among evaluators, and

  • Assurance that the system was developed in collaboration with administrators, teachers, and barganing representatives.

  • Sarah Martin Email    (503) 947-5668
    Educator Effectiveness - Ed. Specialist, Instructional Resources