Oregon Department of Education

ODE's Search Center consists of the following pages:
  • Results
    The results page is the primary searching area, allowing visitors to search, filter, and find additional search related resources. See details for this area below.
  • Advanced
    This page allows you to more easily tell Search Center specifics re: how you want to search your results. See more details later on this page.


The following outlines details of the various sections of the Search Center Results page.

The filter list allows you to apply your text search to specified areas only.
  • ODE
    The default searches the entire site.
  • Topics
    Searches within ODE topics;
  • Pages
    Searches within ODE web pages (doesn't include file types like PDF, DOC);
  • News
    Searches within ODE news announcements and press releases;
  • Events
    Searches within ODE events;
  • Contacts
    Searches the contacts identified on ODE topic and web pages;
  • Staff
    Searches the ODE staff applications.

Results display in the center of the page. Use your scroll bar to view all of the links, and use the numeric paging values at the bottom of the results to continue viewing matched results.

Search Center results are sorted based on certain results rules that ODE has identified. These rules include combinations of a text match in the title, a text match in the body, location within the text match, the date of the last change, how often the result is selected, ODE specified embedded metatags, and more. ODE applies certain values to each of the rules and a calculation of all of the values is used to display the results. Sound complicated?... It is, but hopefully this helps explain the result order you are viewing.

Each specific result can contain the following:
  • LINK
    The link contains the title and location of the link. Click the link to view details.
    The description contains either pre-determined text that provides an overview of the link, or it displays "sections" of text within the match.
    Note: if one of your words matched a word in the description, the word will be bold.
  • SIZE
    This indicates the size of the file that will be downloaded if you click the related link.
    This information may be displayed on particular files. This may or may not indicate the name of the contact person - in fact in many cases, this simply refers to the last person that made updates to the document.
  • DATE
    This is the date the document was last updated.
    Note: ODE's web site is dynamically driven by pages read from a database. In the case that a page was "rendered" from a database, the last updated date will normally not be valid - consequently not useful as a "last updated date".
    If the links file type is commonly known to Search Center, an icon will appear. This is particularly useful for PDF, Word, and other files.

ODE's web site offers several possible contact types, but this single "preview" pane of Search Center currently only allows us to select one source to match… so Search Center compares each search word individually for a match in our Topic Contacts search. The following fields from Topic Contacts database are compared for a match: topic's title, the ODE employee's name, and the contact description field.

Additional Contact Searching: see also ODE Page Contacts, Staff by Name, Staff by Section, and the School Directory.
Search Center compares each search word individually for a title match in our Topics database. Links to matching topics are displayed.
Bing External Search
As a courtesy, Search Center provides links to external results found in BING. Disclaimer: ODE doesn't have control over the Bing results, so we can not be responsible for links that are not pertinent to ODE subject matter.
This filter option allows you to apply your text search to specified file types only. Search Center reviews the file types found in the results and categorizes them. Each file type is displayed, allowing you to choose to only view file types matching your selection.
Note: your file type selection only applies to each current search result.
This filter option allows you to apply your text search to files modified during specified times.
Note: because ODE's web site is dynamically driven by pages read from a database, the last updated date that is used by this filter will normally not be valid for them… therefore this option is primarily used for PDF, DOC, and other of these "static" type files.
Classic ODE searches allow visitors to search a single keyword or an exact phrase that will then be looked for in a variety of individual databases:
  • Topic Search (title)
  • Page Search (title, keyword)
  • Keyword Search (keyword)
  • News Announcements and Releases(title)
  • Calendar (title)
  • Reports (category, title)
  • Topic Contacts (topic, contact, title, phone)
  • ODE Staff (first name, last name)

  • When Do I Use?
    If you can't find what you are looking for using the ODE Search Center, you can use ODE Google Search to search through the ODE web site with Google.
  • Definition
    Google Spider Search - ODE Web Files are Searched by the Google Search Spiders and Info is Stored in the Google Database
  • Details
    The Google database is automatically populated by gathering words from each ODE page result, then categorizing them in the Google database. In addition, file names and content information is reviewed and populated.

    Search results are sorted based on defined ranking rules that Google has identified.


The following outlines details of the Advanced Search page.

  • All of these words:
    Each result must contain all words listed.
  • The exact phase:
    All words listed will be searched together as typed, and only exact matches will display in the results list.
  • Any of these words:
    Each word listed will be searched independently and appended to the results list.
  • None of these words:
    Each word listed will be searched independently and any matched results will NOT be included in the results list.
  • Only the language(s):
    Allows you to indicate specific languages to include. By default, none are checked and all lanuguages are included in the search.
  • Property restrictions:
    Specify combinations that will restrict the results.

    • Topics    
      Similar to a Table of Contents - find a listing of ODE topics, then click the topic link to go to the topic's home page. Enter words to display related topics.
    • Pages   05/25/2017 (1.59 KB)
      Search ODE web pages - these are web pages and not PDF, Word, Excel, or PPT files.
    • News Announcements    
    • News Releases    
      Official news notices that have been released to the press.
    • Calendar of Events    
    • Reports - Table of Contents    
      A listing of reports found throughout the ODE web site.
    • ODE's Google Search   05/25/2017 (1.38 KB)
      Major internet search engines work well for this kind of searching - Google is one of many you may decide to use.

The file types that follow may require some type of third party installation. See the links for details to download free viewer applications.
  • Microsoft
    Use the link to find details and download links for viewers.
    Microsoft Word Word; Microsoft Power Point PPT; Microsoft Excel Excel
  • Flash Player Flash
    This plug in is used for interactive web pages. Find details and download links for their player.
  • Real Player
    Oregon.gov hosts the ODE streaming audio and video files. Their default media player is REAL Player. Find details and download links for their player. Audio Files REAL; Video Files REAL
  • ODE Descriptive Icons
    Publication Publications; External Link External Link
  • Web Site Tools
    Find detailed information regarding preferred setup and applications necessary to view areas of the ODE web site (e.g. Browser info, links to PDF/Word/Flash).