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Reference Materials from 2012-2013 SPR&I Training

This page contains the entire content of the Secondary Transition reference materials booklet presented at the 2012-2013 Systems Performance Review and Improvement (SPR&I) training events during the month of October.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Transition Services Indicator 13
  • Laying the Ground Work MS-Word   10/26/2012 (468 KB)
    Support for Post Secondary Goals, Transition Services and Course of Study
  • Preferences, Interests, Needs and Strengths (PINS) MS-Word   10/26/2012 (37.50 KB)
    The student’s preferences, needs, interests, strengths and results of age-appropriate transition assessments
  • Age-Appropriate Transition Assessments (Updated Sept 2012) MS-Word   10/08/2013 (140 KB)
    The present levels of academic achievement and functional performance must include the results of age-appropriate transition assessment.
  • Appropriate Measureable Post-Secondary Goals MS-Word   10/26/2012 (147.50 KB)
    Age-appropriate transition assessments related to training/education, employment and, where appropriate, independent living skills.
  • Support for Post Secondary Goals MS-Word   10/26/2012 (123 KB)
    The corner stone of the secondary transition plan
  • Transition Services MS-Word   10/26/2012 (30.50 KB)
    A coordinated set of activities for a student with a disability
  • Course of Study MS-Word   10/26/2012 (44.50 KB)
    A multi-year description of coursework from the student’s current to anticipated exit year that is designed to help achieve the student’s desired post-school goal(s).
  • Most Common Mistakes on an IEP MS-Word   10/26/2012 (37.50 KB)
    Four Most Common Mistakes When Developing an IEP for Transition Age Students
  • Transition Services From CCTS - WA MS-Word   10/26/2012 (548 KB)
    The Center for Change in Transition Services based out of Seattle University, provides online Transition Training Modules for teachers, administrators and transition teams.

Section 2 Summary of Performance

Section 3 Graduation Diploma Options

Section 4 Graduation, Dropout and Post School Outcomes

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