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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics are the foundation of the K-12 Oregon Diploma; the Essential Skill of "apply mathematics" is embedded within the CCSS.

Moving to common standards in two content areas represents a major change for Oregon. ODE and its educational partners, are committed to providing educators with the tools they need to understand and implement the Common Core.

Comparing CCSS to Oregon Standards, district curricula, and instructional materials

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Common Core "Shifts" for Mathematics
Six shifts are summarized that are required for true alignment to the CCSS in terms of mathematics materials and instruction.
Instructional Materials - Bridging to the Common Core State Standards
Resources and information regarding the impact of the Common Core on instructional materials adoptions
Study the Standards at Your Grade
These grade-level documents developed by other CCSS states "deconstruct" the standards, one standard at a time, providing explanations and examples.
CCSS Needs Assessmments
Transitioning to the Common Core is more than just replacing one set of standards with another. It is an opportunity for schools and districts to think about what and how they teach and to purposefully plan for student success.
Planning the Transition from OAKS to the Smarter Balanced Assessment
An overview of the shifting of mathematics content from grade to grade, as well as a listing of new content for each grade, with an overview of the vision and development of the Smarter Balanced Common Assessment.
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Mathematics Crosswalk
These crosswalk documents identify matches between individual Common Core State Standards and Oregon standards in mathematics so that teachers and administrators can begin cross-referencing materials and activities to the CCSSM.
Making it Happen (NCTM)
A guide to interpreting and implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. This guide is available for purchase.
Mathematics Curriculum Materials Analysis Project
The purpose of the CCSS Mathematics Curriculum Analysis Project is to provide a set of tools that will assist districts in selecting mathematics curriculum materials that support implementation of the newly developed CCSSM.
Curriculum Alignment Tool
PowerPoint for CCSSM Curriculum Analysis Reviewers

Publisher's Criteria for CCSS Mathematics
Developed by one of the authors of the Common Core State Standards, the seven criteria for Resources outlined in this document should guide development of curriculum modules and accompanying materials.

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