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Common Core State Standards - ELA & Literacy Transition Resources

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts (ELA) & Literacy are the foundation of the K-12 Oregon Diploma; the Essential Skills for reading and writing are embedded within the CCSS. Without these skills, students won’t have access to full content in school.

That is why the CCSS include reading and writing standards customized for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. To be college and career-ready, students learn to read and write in ELA and to apply the skills in all classes.

Comparing CCSS to Oregon Standards, district curricula, and instructional materials

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Common Core "Shifts" for ELA & Literacy
Six shifts are summarized that are required for true alignment to the CCSS in terms of ELA & Literacy materials and instruction.
Instructional Materials - Bridging to the Common Core
Resources and information regarding the impact of the Common Core on instructional materials adoptions
Study the Standards at Your Grade
These grade-level documents from other CCSS states "deconstruct" the standards for English language arts and literacy in History/Social Studies, one standard at a time.
CCSS Needs Assessments
Transitioning to the Common Core is more than just replacing one set of standards with another. It is an opportunity for schools and districts to think about what and how they teach and to purposefully plan for student success.
Differences between Oregon and the Common Core in the Organization of Writing
A "grade-level look" at the first three CCSS Anchor Standards for Writing shows most of Oregon’s Standards included
Writing Terminology Compared
This tool compares CCSS writing terms to Oregon’s writing terms.
Common Core State Standards - ELA Crosswalks
Crosswalks between the CCSS and Oregon’s standards note what’s new, the same, and different at each grade.
At a Glance Comparison of Standards
This template, with facilitation guide, is a tool for comparing the CCSS to Oregon’s Standards.
Plan for Transitioning to CCSS ELA & Literacy The planning template lists key CCSS concepts for ELA & Literacy with space to strategize implications for transitioning.