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CCSS Toolkit: Administrators

CCSS Toolkit

The purpose of the Administrator Toolkit is to assist with implemenatation of the Common Core at the school and district level. The toolkit uses a sequential process and is organized into four phases: Awareness, Transition, Implementation, and Evalute & Refine.

The Toolkit will evolve over time and is not intended as a list of requirements to follow, nor is it intended to describe everything that needs to be done to support student success. It is simply a place to start.

Awareness & Dissemination

What are the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)? How do they compare with Oregon's current standards and other district initatives already in place?


How prepared are we to move forward with the Common Core? What is our plan for implementation?


What school/district systems need to be in place to support teachers in their CCSS instruction? What will teaching and learning look like?

Evaluate & Refine

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