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Educator Effectiveness

Educator evaluation systems are intended to promote professional growth based on standards of professional practice and meaningful measures of teacher and administrator effectiveness. In June 2012 the Oregon State Board of Education endorsed the Oregon Framework for Teacher and Administrator Evaluation and Support Systems. Incorporating state requirements from SB 290 (2011 legislation) and the ESEA Flexibility Waiver criteria, the Framework provides guidance for the development of local (district) evaluation and support systems designed to promote professional growth and improve student outcomes.

Implementation of a sound evaluation system is critical to producing equitable outcomes where student success is no longer predictable based on race, socio-economics, language, and family background. The toolkit is designed to support districts as they move forward with implementation.

  • Theresa Richards Email    (503) 947-5922
    Federal Systems - Director
  • Tanya Frisendahl Email    (503) 947-5754
    Educator Effectiveness - Education Specialist
  • Sarah Martin Email    (503) 947-5668
    Educator Effectiveness - Ed. Specialist, Instructional Resources
  • Sarah Phillips Email    (503) 947-5783
    Educator Effectiveness - Education Program Specialist
  • Brian Putnam Email    (503) 947-5806
    Educator Effectiveness - Educator Effectiveness Specialist
  • Nicole Dalton Email    (503) 947-5603
    Common Core/College and Career Readiness - Education Program Specialist

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