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A new series of CCSS webinars conducted by ODE will take place during the 2012-13 school year. In response to feedback from teachers and school administrators, the focus of this series of webinars will be primarily on instruction and implementation.

2012-2013 Series

Webinar Materials

Follow-up Materials/Activities

Administrator Update
Get ready for the 2012-13 SY with information about CCSS training opportunities, an overview of the administrator implementation toolkit, and considerations for CCSS professional development.

Oregon in Action flyer
Team Observation Tool
Teacher Implementation Toolkit
Take a guided tour to get oriented to the design of the Implementation section of the CCSS Teacher Toolkit and see specific examples of how the tools can be used.

Facilitator PowerPoint for Teacher Implementation Toolkit
Use this PowerPoint with notes to provide a tour of the Implementation section of the teacher toolkit.
Smarter Balanced 101: The Foundation
This webinar provides an introduction of the different summative assessment types, performance tasks, rubrics, claims and assessment targets (clusters).
These sample items and performance tasks showcase the variety of item types that will be included in the Smarter Balanced assessment system.
English Language Arts & Literacy
Smarter Balanced 102: Performance Tasks
The similarities and differences between Oregon Work Samples and Smarter Balanced Performance Tasks and rubrics will be discussed. Performance task information will be shared for both Math and English language arts.

CCSS Literacy in Science
Learn how your colleagues in Oregon are infusing CCSS for Literacy into science classrooms and gain experience with the tools and strategies that are working to improve student achievement.

Literacy in Science Video 1
Literacy in Science Video 2
Facilitator's Guide for Videos
PowerPoint from Summer Assessment Institute
Smarter Balanced 103: Item Types and Instructional Implementation
Find out what skills students will need in order to be prepared for the Smarter Balanced summative assessments, how to implement new content and assessment strategies into current teaching methods and practices, and examples of the different summative item types.

Item Type Polling Results
LearnZillion 101

Learn about how to use the K-5 lessons offered by LearnZillion to support student learning in your classroom.

LearnZillion Website
LearnZillion offers K-5 lessons, including videos with author's voiceover, and assessments aligned to the CCSS for ELA and Math. Teachers can register for a free password.
Smarter Balanced 201: Next Generation Assessment Environment (Pilot Test)
Information on the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments testing environment conditions and guidance documents that are available.

Poll Results

Quality Lesson/Unit Review Rubric
Learn about the Quality Review Rubric and how it will support analysis and increased teacher understanding of quality lessons, units and materials aligned to the CCSS.

Archived Video Introduction (35 minutes)
PowerPoint (Introduction)
PowerPoint (Application Activity Presentation Slides)
Quality Review Rubrics (QRR) for ELA and Math
ELA Lesson Example 1
ELA Lesson Example 2
ELA Lesson Example 3
Math Lesson Example 1
Smarter Balanced 202: Evidence Centered Design

Information from the Pilot Test/Field Test, Item Development Process (Evidence Centered Design), and Smarter Balanced and CCSS Misconception FAQ (document) will be discussed.
SBAC 2013 Update
Smarter Balanced 203: CCSS Across the Curriculum
This webinar provides examples of ELA items that have Science and Social Sciences context. It focuses on instructional gaps between current Oregon ELA and Math content standards and CCSS and Smarter Balanced assessments.

2011-2012 Series Archive

Smarter Common Assessment
October 2011 - Video      PowerPoint
February 2012 - PowerPoint
May 2012 -        Video     PowerPoint
Instructional Materials

October 2011 - Video      PowerPoint
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CCSS Resources
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