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Oregon has identified 94 Oregon schools which will receive additional supports and interventions from the state to help increase student achievement and close persistent achievement gaps. Identification of these schools is one component of Oregon’s new accountability system approved in July by the U.S. Department of Education.

As part of the federal ESEA waiver application, Oregon developed a new accountability system which uses multiple measures to rate schools. For high schools these measures include academic achievement, academic growth, subgroup growth, graduation rates, and subgroup graduation. For elementary and middle schools the first three measures are used. Schools receive an overall rating based on how well they are doing in each of these areas.

In order to provide support to the schools that need it most, ODE identified high poverty (Title I) Priority schools for additional supports and interventions. These 17 schools represent the bottom 5% of high poverty schools in the state and have been identified as most in need of assistance in turning around student achievement and growth. Also identified as Priority schools are the 17 schools currently receiving ESEA School Improvement Grants (SIG). In addition, the state has identified 60 Focus schools which are in the bottom 15% of high poverty schools and have faced challenges with closing the achievement gap and getting all students to achieve at high levels. These schools will also receive additional supports from the state. The final category of schools identified are Model schools. These high poverty schools have been identified as examples of successful student outcomes and will serve as models and mentors to other schools around the state. These schools will help share best practices and guide other schools on the journey toward better student outcomes and our state’s 40-40-20 Goal.

Below please find resources and documents related to the designation of Oregon’s Priority, Focus, and Model schools.

Budget Template   Updated 04/03/2014 (153.16 KB)

Communication Regarding the District Set Asides for 2013-14 PDF  New 04/14/2014 (812.55 KB)

2013-14 Priority, Focus, and Model Schools PDF  10/09/2013 (480.27 KB)

Priority and Focus School Continuous Achievement Plan Guest Login Excel Spreadsheet  11/26/2013 (41 KB)

Other Title Schools PDF  10/31/2013 (560.62 KB)

Targeted Other Title Schools Information PDF  10/31/2013 (702.49 KB)

2012-13 Priority, Focus, and Model Schools PDF  10/11/2012 (349.21 KB)

Priority, Focus, and Model Schools Frequently Asked Questions PDF  08/03/2012 (86.70 KB)

Priority, Focus, and Model Schools PowerPoint   09/12/2012 (3.51 MB)

Priority, Focus, and Model Schools WebEx Presentation Media Player   

Data file of all schools under new accountability model including Priority, Focus, and Model Schools Excel Spreadsheet  10/11/2012 (6.25 MB)

Next Generation Accountability Detail Sheets    

School and District Improvement Resources    

Next Generation of Accountability Resources    

Oregon's Approved ESEA Flexibility Waiver PDF  07/18/2012 (10.45 MB)

Executive Summary of Oregon's Approved ESEA Flexibility Waiver   07/19/2012 (27.85 KB)

Unwrapping School Improvement: A Workshop for Priority, Focus, and Model Schools

Unwrapping School Improvement: A Workshop for Priority, Focus, and Model Schools was held on two dates, August 13 and August 16, 2012, at the Hilton Hotel in Eugene. Teams from priority, focus, and model schools attended sessions designed to give them a better idea of both the supports and the expectations for their schools under Oregon's ESEA Flexibility Waiver Plan.
  • General Session Overview PDF  08/13/2012 (143.78 KB)
    Jan McCoy and Tryna Luton's presentation gives an overview of the ESEA Flexibility Waiver Plan as it impacts Oregon's priority, focus, and model schools.
  • Key Areas of Effectiveness PDF  08/13/2012 (61.39 KB)
    Oregon's Five Key Areas of Effectiveness are derived from the Turnaround Principles and are foundational to our Waiver Plan.
  • Priority Schools PDF  08/13/2012 (606.62 KB)
    Expectations, timelines, and supports for schools identified as priority are covered in this presentation.
  • Focus Schools PDF  08/13/2012 (145.88 KB)
    This session gives the overview of expectations and supports for focus schools.
  • Model Schools PDF  08/13/2012 (478.15 KB)
    This powerpoint outlines how Model Schools are identified, recognized, and involved in the support of focus and priority schools under the Waiver Plan.
  • School Appraisal Teams PDF  08/13/2012 (215.93 KB)
    School Appraisal Teams will be visiting all priority and focus schools. Learn what you can expect and when.
  • Working With The Network PDF  08/13/2012 (146.76 KB)
    Working with The Network outlines supports available through The Network for continuous improvement in Oregon Schools and how to access them.
  • Unwrapping the Customized Planning Process Tool (CPPT) PDF  08/21/2012 (1.45 MB)
    The Customized Planning Process Tool (CPPT) will be used by schools to self evaluate. Learn more about this first step.

  • Lisa Harlan Email    (503) 947-5685
    School Improvement - Director
  • Timothy Boyd Email    (503) 947-5621
    School Improvement - Education Program Specialist
  • Shanda Brown Email    (503) 947-5809
    School Improvement - Ed. Specialist, Title I-A
  • Shawna Moran Email    (503) 947-5944
    School Improvement - Education Program Specialist
  • Jesse Parsons Email    (503) 947-5602
    School Improvement - Education Specialist

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