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CCSS Toolkit: ELA/Literacy Claim 1 Sample Summative Items (3-5)

CCSS Toolkit

Claim 1: Students can read closely and analytically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary and informational text.

These sample items have been provided by Smarter Balanced as preliminary examples of the types of items that students might encounter on the summative assessment. Each item includes a reference to the target standard(s) it addresses, the student text, and evaluation rubrics, where appropriate.

SR = Selected Response     CR = Constructed Response     ER = Extended Response     TE = Technology Enhanced     PT = Performance Task    

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

The Old Lion and the Fox (SR) The Fox and the Goat (SR) Duke Ellington's Early Years (SR)
The Moon (CR)
Golden Keys (SR)
The Wolf and Goat by Aesop (SR) The Fox and the Goat (SR)
Short Story Excerpt (TE)
The Little Captive (CR) The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf (CR) The Fox as Herdsman (CR)
Rightly Unfair (TE)
How the Leaves Came Down and The Little Captive (CR)
Golden Keys (CR) Golden Keys (CR)
The Moon (SR) Duke Ellington's Early Years (SR)
Project Mercury (CR) What is a Satellite? (CR)
Amelia Earhart (CR)
King of the Planets (SR) Throw Spears, Sing, Dance At Polynesian Culture Centre (SR)
Duke Ellington's Early Years (CR)
How Laws are Made (CR)
Amelia Earhart (SR)