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The Fair Dismissal Appeals Board was originally created in 1971 when ORS 342.805-342.937 replaced the Teacher Tenure Law. FDAB was created to hear appeals of teacher and administrator dismissal, and to provide a uniform statewide system of pre- and post-determination due process for teachers and administrators. It also provides for uniform standards for dismissals.

The law was amended during the 1997 legislative session through SB 880, which changed the name of the statute to “Accountability for Schools for the 21st Century Law.” Substantive and procedural changes were part of that change.

The FDAB consists of 24 members appointed from specific categories:
- Six members must be administrators in common or union high school districts. One member may be retired prior to appointment if the member had been previously employed as an administrator.
- Six members must be contract teachers, which one member can be a retired contract teacher. One member may be retired prior to appointment if the member had been previously employed as a contract teacher.
- Six members must be members of common or union high school district boards at the time of their appointment.
- Six members may not have any affiliation with any common or union high school district.

Each category must be further distributed by size of school district. Members serve a term of four years but also serve “at the pleasure” of the Governor. An individual member’s term option continues to the completion of an appeal, including a motion for reconsideration.

The board meets annually in October. The meeting is subject to the Public Meetings law and is open to the public.

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