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CCSS Toolkit: ELA & Literacy Teachers

CCSS Toolkit

The purpose of the ELA & Literacy Toolkit is to assist teachers in implementing the Common Core in their classrooms. The toolkit uses a sequential process and is organized into three phases: Awareness & Transition, Implementation, and Evalute & Refine.

The Toolkit will evolve over time and is not intended as a list of requirements to follow, nor is it intended to describe everything that needs to be done to support student success. It is simply a place to start.

Awareness & Transition

What are the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)? How do they compare with Oregon's current standards? What can I do to prepare?

The resources on these pages provide an overview of the CCSS as defined by the six shifts that will need to take place in classroom instruction, and offer tools to help teachers begin to think about how to prepare for the transition.


What will teaching and learning in my classroom look like with the CCSS? How will I know students are making progress and prepared for the common assessment?

The resources on this page outline the four claims that describe what students should know and be able to do, and organizes available tools around instruction, unit and lesson design, and assessment.

Evaluate & Refine

Resources for this page are not yet available.