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Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework - Reading

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The State Board adopted the Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework (December 2009) as guidance for the State, districts, and schools to support reading proficiency, a requirement of the Oregon Diploma. The purpose of the Framework is to ensure students are

  • Reading grade-level text or above by end of first grade

  • Developing grade-level or above reading skills K-12 across all classes

  • Receiving intensified instruction to help them read at grade level, if they are not.

Designed as a Response to Intervention (RTI) model, the Framework was developed by the Literacy Leadership State Steering Committee (LLSSC) in partnership with ODE, to prepare Oregon students to

Introductory Videos & Pre...

Introductory Videos & Presentations

In this section, you will find "Moving Reading Forward," a 10 minute video-overview of the Framework, and "Pathway to Reading," a collection of video shorts focusing on key ideas from the six Framework chapters.
Professional Development ...

Professional Development for the Framework

This portal was designed specifically for the Framework and to be used either in a team setting or individually. It offers a rich array of vetted, narrated, multimedia "lessons" and practice activities aligned to each chapter and to the Response to Intervention (RTI) model that is the heart of the Framework.
Oregon Response to Interv...

Oregon Response to Intervention (OrRTI) Videos

This section includes four K-3 and four 4-high school technical assistance videos for implementing Response to Intervention (RTI), the model that is central to the Framework. OrRTI, an initiative sponsored by ODE since 2005, provides intensive training and support to 37 Oregon school districts.
Oregon Literacy Plan

Oregon Literacy Plan

The Oregon Literacy Plan is designed to ensure that in their first 18 years, young Oregonians will develop strong literacy skills that will prepare them for school, college, and career.