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Oregon has received federal approval for its Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) flexibility application. With this approval, Oregon will be able to tailor the mechanisms of the ESEA, or No Child Left Behind Act, to create a more accountable and responsive system that meets the needs of Oregon students and strengthens Oregon schools.

The ESEA is the major federal funding mandate for public schools. This law was due for Congressional reauthorization and reform over four years ago. Given the lack of Congressional action on this issues, states around the country, including Oregon, took the lead in calling for changes to this law. In September, President Obama announced that states would have the opportunity to request flexibility from specific mandates while maintaining a strong commitment to accountability and high standards for all students.

In January 2012, Oregon submitted its ESEA flexibility proposal which received federal approval in July 2012. The application was the product of months of work by more than 120 education and community stakeholders who helped to design a new framework for college and career readiness, school accountability, and support for educators.

Oregon’s approved application and other Next Generation of Accountability resources and documents are available below.

Oregon's ESEA Flexibility Waiver Application (abridged) Approved July 18 , 2012.

Oregon's ESEA Waiver Request has been submitted to the US Department of Education. This abridged version eliminates approximately 1000 pages of public comments from the full version. These pages, entitled "Attachment 2 Survey Summaries," are posted below.

Executive Summary of Oregon's Approved ESEA Flexibility Waiver

This executive summary presents an overview of the approved ESEA Flexibility Waiver Application linked above.

Planning Oregon's Accountability System

We envision a statewide accountability system that sets clear, measureable, outcomes-focused goals for schools and districts and provides ongoing monitoring, standards, and support to help schools and districts reach those goals.

Guiding Principles & Outcome Goals

As a state, Oregon has committed to the 40-40-20 Goal (40% of adults have a bachelor’s or higher, 40% have at least associates or postsecondary credential, and 20% have at least a high school diploma).


Find out more about the requirements that states must meet in order to receive an ESEA Flexibility waiver.

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Oregon's Priority, Focus, and Model Schools

Access resources and documents relating to Oregon’s new Priority, Focus, and Model school designations along with accountability data for all schools in the state. (available 9am Aug 3)

Documents Related to the Waiver Request

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