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In a move to prepare students for the increased rigors of the new Common Core State Standards and the Oregon Diploma, the Oregon State Board of Education adopted new reading achievement standards (cut scores) for grades 3-8, effective for the 2011-12 school year. The current high school cut score for "Meets" of 236 remains the same.

Reading Achievement Standards for 2011-12 The reading achievement standards were reviewed by an expert panel in January 2011 as part of a process to improve Oregon reading achievement standards. Recommendations were made to increase the level of reading students are expected to know in elementary and middle school to create better alignment between the lower grades and high school graduation requirements for reading.

While the increased rigor of the new cut scores will initially result in fewer students meeting the achievement standard, this higher bar is necessary to get our students ready for the new Oregon graduation requirements and success after high school. Fewer students meeting the achievement standard will not mean students know less than they did the year before or that they are doing worse in school. These new achievement standards simply require a higher level of mastery of reading information and concepts.

Please see the links below for additional resources, tools, and materials relating to the change in reading cut scores. We will continue to add to these resources over the coming months as additional materials are finalized.

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