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This page contains materials related to the Oregon Harvest for Schools Program. This program was developed to promote and educate people about Oregon grown produce. CLICK ON EACH ITEM to be redirected to that item's page for downloading materials.

Please Note: Many of the below items are available for FREE including FREE SHIPPING to Oregon Schools. As we exhaust supplies and more items come online, it might be helpful to download the order form below, as this is updated frequently to reflect what we have in stock.

  • Harvest For Schools ORDER FORM Excel Spreadsheet   Download and send to the contact on the form (UPDATED July 2015)
  • 12 Fruits and Vegetables poster  PDF Document (available as printed poster as well)
  • Oregon Harvest for Schools instructions MS-Word -START HERE! Click on this link for information on how to use the materials. Updated 4/22/2015

Oregon Harvest for Schools Program Materials

Apples Cabbage Cranberries Onions Potatoes String Beans
Asparagus Cane Berries Grapes Parsnips Radishes Summer Squash
Beets Carrots Kale Peaches Rhubarb Tomatoes
Blueberries Cauliflower Kiwi Pears Salad Greens Turnips
Broccoli Cherries Leeks Peas Spinach Watermelon
Brussels Sprouts Corn Mushrooms Peppers Strawberries Winter Squash

Other Oregon Harvest Program Materials

Milk Dry Beans Eggs Beef Salmon Rice
Yogurt Cheese Wheat Pork Seafood Oats


  • Here is the link for family newsletter text that compliments the Oregon Harvest for Schools campaign: Family Newsletter Word Document
  • Here is a template email that can be used to introduce school staff to the concept of an Oregon Harvest for Schools campaign: Template emailWord Document
  • And finally, here is a checklist that can guide people through implementing an Oregon Harvest for Schools campaign: checklist Excel Spreadsheet Updated 4/22/2015
  • It's suggested that you can print out the posters in 8"x10" format, or, you could email the image to a place that does photos (like Costco or Walgreens) and have them printed in 26"x36" posters.
  • Passport (old version PDF) (new version English PDF) (new version Spanish PDF) -see instructions above for use.

Special Thanks: To Corvallis Environmental Center, Ecotrust, and OSU Extension/SNAP Ed./Food Hero for partnering with us to continuing to develop these materials!

  • Rick Sherman Email    (503) 947-5863
    Child Nutrition Programs - Farm to School Specialist