Oregon Department of Education

Policy Publications

The Department of Education produces issue briefs, reports, and fact sheets to keep the public informed about current educational issues and policies.

  • Click here PDF to access the 2015 Summary of Enacted Education Legislation. While some legislation will require additional rule-making or policy work, we hope that this initial overview will help inform local discussions about the new education laws. We will continue to provide updates in the forms of executive numbered memos or other policy briefs as additional information is available.

  • Issue Briefs - Issue Briefs are concise written statements about a particular topic intended to give the reader a quick analysis of a current issue within education.

  • Reports - Reports are longer, in-depth analyses of particular issues that discuss the topic from various perspectives. Reports are intended to give the reader extensive information about a particular topic.

  • Fact Sheets - Fact Sheets provide a summary of annual statistics about Oregon's K-12 educational system in one easy reference.

  • Budget Notes PDF - This Budget Note Report, per House Bill 5008, is a baseline of future reports to the Legislature for measuring the success of transforming the Oregon Department of Education to focus more on assisting and collaborating with educational partners, closing the achievement gap, and being more “results-focused.”