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Common Core State Standards - District Resources

CCSS Moving to common standards in two content areas and replacing the statewide assessment in these subjects represents a major change for Oregon. Representatives from each level of the educational enterprise will need to provide input to build a solid implementation blueprint. Work is underway to help ensure Oregon’s educational enterprise is truly unified in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Implementation Tools

Parent Workshop Materials

To assist schools and districts in communicating with parents about the Common Core, Parent Workshop materials have been designed to help facilitate a parent/community meeting. These materials, adapted from the New York Department of Education, provide some common, consistent language to help address parent and community questions or concerns about the changes currently underway in Oregon schools.

Additional Parent Materials


  • Webinars    
    Archived information from the last two years of CCSS focused webinars at both the national and state level
  • Presentations    
    This page contains links to Common Core presentations given around the state.
  • CCSS Transition Implementation Plan PDF   05/11/2011 (370.30 KB)
    This document represents a first look at efforts underway to plan for implementation. The plan details the structure for a Steering Committee, a statewide Stewardship Team, and some of the actions that will be necessary to ensure an effective implementation.
  • Getting Ready for National Standards (Doug Reeves) PDF  External Link  
    In this ASCD article, Dr. Doug Reeves of the Leaderhsip and Learning Center offers suggestions for teachers as they prepare to transistion to the Common Core.
  • A District's Approach to Implementing the CCSS PDF   02/07/2011 (134.64 KB)
    Albuquerque Public Schools received funding from the Gates Foundation to develop strategies and tools to support the effective mplementation of the CCSS. This PowerPoint highlights the district’s plans, actions to date, and ideas others can use in planning for CCSS implementation. 
  • CCSS: Planning for Effective Implementation Symposium    
    On February 8-9, 2011 educators from Oregon and around the Northwest met in Portland for a two day symposium presented by Education Northwest and the Northwest Regional Comprehensive Center to engage in a needed discussion around transition to and implementation of the Common Core.


  • State-level Implementation Timeline PDF   06/21/2011 (250.88 KB)
    This State-level CCSS Implementation Timeline was developed based on the draft timeline presented to the State Board of Education in October 2010 and incorporates feedback from the Steering Committee, the Stewardship Team, and ODE staff. This timeline will provide guidance for ODE work and allow districts to understand what support and resources will be provided. Details included will be re-evaluated and refined based upon on-going input from the field and other developments.
  • Oregon Education Initiatives & Transition Timeline PDF   10/12/2011 (160.07 KB)
    This document displays the timeline of four Oregon Education Initiatives and their relationship to each other: the Oregon Diploma, the Essential Skills, content standards, and statewide assessment.
  • CCSS District Implementation Timeline Template MS-Word   07/18/2011 (115 KB)
    This document is a tool for districts as they plan for implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The template includes suggestions for actions districts may want to include in their implementation planning.
  • CCSS District Implementation Timeline Blank Template MS-Word   07/18/2011 (115.50 KB)
    This document is a tool for districts as they plan for implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The template is blank to allow for districts to create their own actions and steps to include in their implementation planning.

Crosswalk Documents

  • English Language Arts Crosswalk
    The Crosswalk between the ELA Common Core State Standards and Oregon’s standards (2003) provides a comparison, indicates gaps, lists possible implications for implementation (to be completed during site-specific planning), and notes differences in organization.
  • Mathematics Crosswalk
    This crosswalk document identifies matches between individual Common Core standards with Oregon standards in mathematics and includes rater comments that highlight the similarities and differences between the standards. This information is indexed by Oregon and by Common Core standards so that teachers and administrators can begin cross-referencing materials and activities to the CCSSM.