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Private Career Schools - Filing a Complaint

Please review these instructions carefully before starting to complete the complaint form.

The Complaint Procedure Form is designed to help you organize facts and define your concerns so the Private Schools & Specialized Programs office can assist you in resolving your grievance against a private career school. Please note the following limitations that govern complaint handling by our office under current state regulations:

  • The Private Schools & Specialized Programs Office can only investigate or mediate a complaint filed within one calendar year following a student's last recorded date of attendance.

  • Prior to filing a complaint, you must make a good faith effort to obtain satisfaction by communicating directly with school officials, employing the school's internal appeal process. Each school implements a process for the prompt resolution of a complaint by a student, and unless specifically provided by state or federal law, the decision of the school is final.

If the complaint alleges a violation of Oregon law (please refer to OAR 581-045-0023, "Appeals & Complaints" from the document below), you may direct an appeal to the Oregon Department of Education, using the Complaint Procedure form. Please note that information you provide becomes public record that may be subject to inspection and copying by members of the public unless an exemption in law exists.

Private Schools & Specialized Education staff will review your complaint and contact you if there are questions or if additional information is needed.

Following review, staff will forward your complaint to the school for a response. The school usually has 20 working days to either resolve the complaint directly with you or send the agency a written response. Upon receipt of the school's response, staff will conduct an investigation and attempt to reach a negotiated agreement with you and the school. If that fails, staff will issue a determination which will be sent to you and the school.

Oregon Rules and Laws

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