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Starting a Private Career School in Oregon

Private Career Schools

The process for licensing a school begins with the submission of the Initial License Application Packet, which is available from the Oregon Department of Education or by visiting our website at Private Career School Forms for downloading the forms appropriate to your school application packet. Any person or organization wanting to train one or more people for any profession is required by Oregon Revised Statutes to be licensed. Significant parts of the application packet are:

  • A description of each instructional program to be offered, including course syllabi, total hours in the program, and cost of the program.
  • An evaluation of the potential earnings of students who complete the program.
  • An application for each teacher who will instruct in each of the programs; they must document a minimum of two years of training and/or experience in the field to be taught. Real Estate Schools and Tax Schools need to have instructors approved by their appropriate boards. Include copies of the approval granted by the appropriate board with the application.
  • Evidence of inspection by the fire marshal and other agencies regarding the safety of the building where the instruction will occur.
  • Appointment of a program advisory committee which will help keep the school current on information in the profession for which students are being prepared.
  • Information and resume of each school owner and director.
  • Financial information that shows the school has sufficient resources to start the program and cover operating expenses for a twelve-month period.
  • An enrollment agreement (contract) to be signed by every enrolled student and the school director which outlines the program to be offered and the refund schedule.
  • An official student grade transcript form.
  • A description of how the school will monitor student academic progress, student attendance, student conduct and grading. A policy for each of these areas must be developed.
  • A school brochure used for advertising, a school catalog, and a school calendar.
  • Submission of the initial licensing fee and deposit for the Tuition Protection Fund. The initial licensing fee is $1050 for in-state schools and $2250 for out-of-state schools. The Tuition Protection Fund deposit is usually between $250 and $500.

When an official application and the required fees are received by the Department of Education, a representative from the Private Career Schools office will work with the director and other staff necessary to assure that the school is organized to operate within Oregon laws.

Statutes PDF and rules PDF governing private career schools and a copy of an initial license application packet can be obtained through this web site, or contact Shirley Arvin eMail at the Private Schools & Specialized Programs office.

  • Shirley Arvin Email    (503) 947-5600
    Operations, Fiscal & Data Management - Administrative Specialist