Oregon Department of Education

Commodity Food Distribution Program Bulletin Aug. 10, 2010

August 10, 2010

TO:   Food Service Administrators

RE:   Food Distribution Bulletin

  • Notes
  • Delivery Location Information
  • Order & Distribution Schedule
  • Storage & Inventory Management
  • Ordering Instructions
  • Annual Storage Self-Evaluation
  • Unassigned Commodities
  • Complaint Procedures
  • Bonus Commodities
  • Fact Sheets
  • Beef Patties Distribution Date Changes
  • Contact Information
  • Delivery/Receiving Procedures
  • Advisory Council


    • All program correspondence must be placed on file and retained for a period of three years following the close of the federal fiscal year to which it pertains.
    • Commodity Food Distribution Program (CFDP) information and forms can be found on the ODE website at: www.ode.state.or.us/services/nutrition/cfdp
    • The Commodity Food Distribution Program commodity ordering program (CNPweb) website address is: https://cnp.ode.state.or.us

    Order & Distribution Schedule

    The Order & Distribution Schedule for SY 2010-11 is enclosed. It lists the dates you must place orders from your commodity pre-orders, and assign them to a delivery location. If you miss these timelines you will not receive an order for that delivery period. Also, your entitlement will be charged for the preorder items.

    In August orders must be placed and assigned to a delivery location August 18, 19 or 23. CNPweb will be out-of-service August 20 - 22.

    Ordering Instructions

    Enclosed are Ordering Instructions. Use these instructions when completing your commodity order in CNPweb.

    Food Distribution Program CNPweb Instructions are available on the CFDP website.

    Unassigned Commodities

    Enclosed is an Unassigned Entitlement Commodities document. Under "Distribution Months" the amount in each column will be available to allocate and order during the 1st and 2nd order periods of that distribution month. These items are available for you to allocate and order on a first come basis.

    When you allocate entitlement commodities from "Unassigned" your entitlement will be charged even if you do not order them.

    Bonus Commodities

    Enclosed is a Bonus Commodities SY 2010-11 document. These bonus items will be allocated on a fair share basis to all sponsors. You must order bonus commodities during the "1st Period" listed on the Order & Distribution Schedule. Your entitlement will not be charged for bonus items.

    Beef Patties Distribution Date Changes

    USDA required Oregon to move delivery dates forward for 2 loads of A706 beef patties. One load was moved from November to January and one load was moved from November to March.

    If you pre-ordered beef patties for the November distribution you may not receive any/all of them until January or March.

    Delivery/Receiving Procedures and Responsibilities

    Enclosed are Delivery/Receiving Procedures and Responsibilities. Sponsors and carriers should follow these procedures when commodities are delivered and received.

    Delivery Location Information

    If your school district changes the days of the week it's open and this affects the days you can receive commodities you must update your Delivery Location Information Sheets in CNPweb In section (20) of the Delivery Location Information Sheets check all the days the school district is open.

    Storage & Management of USDA Donated Foods

    Enclosed is USDA Policy No.: FD-107 concerning the storage and management of commodity foods.

    Annual Storage Self-Evaluation

    Enclosed is anAnnual Storage Facility Self-Evaluation Form . It must be completed each year by June 30th. Keep the completed form on file for three years. This form will be checked by your assigned School Nutrition Specialist during the Coordinated Review Effort (CRE).

    Complaint Procedures

    Enclosed are Commodity Complaint Procedures. Use these procedures when filing a complaint. Send complaints to Beverly Hassell.

    The complaint process makes USDA aware of concerns. Product is replaced only if it's recalled due to food safety issues.

    Fact Sheets

    USDA Commodity Fact Sheets (information about commodities i.e. product description, preparation/cooking instruction, pack/yield, etc.) are available at: www.fns.usda.gov/fdd/schfacts/.

    Contact Information

    Enclosed is a Commodity Food Distribution Program Contacts information sheet. It lists contact information for State Agency, carrier, and warehouse personnel.

    Advisory Council

    Advisory Council member list, application and information are available on the CFDP website. The Advisory Council meeting schedule for SY 2010-11 is as follows:

    • October 21, 2010
    • January 20, 2011
    • March 31, 2011
    • June 16, 2011
    Requests or recommendations you have concerning the Food Distribution Program, should be sent to any Advisory Council member or ODE CFDP staff at least two weeks prior to the Advisory Council meeting date. A list of Advisory Council members is available on the CFDP website.

    If you are interested in serving on the Advisory Council review the Advisory Council Information on the CFDP website. Complete an application and send it to:
    Beverly Hassell
    ODE, 255 Capitol St NE
    Salem OR 97310 or FAX (503) 378-5156

    Questions regarding the information in this bulletin should be directed to:

    Beverly Hassell, Commodity Specialist
    Phone: (503) 947-5896
    FAX: (503) 378-5156

    "In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

    To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call, toll free (866) 632-9992 (Voice). TDD users can contact USDA through local relay or the Federal relay at (800) 877-8339 (TDD) or (866)377-8642 (relay voice users). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

    • Heidi Dupuis Email    (503) 947-5893
      Child Nutrition Programs - Program Mgr, School Nutrition Programs