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Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe PDF Links followed by a PDF Document icon identify documents that cannot be opened without a program (Adobe Acrobat Reader) to be installed on your computer.  This program will allow you to view, navigate, and print documents from your computer.  The program is free and can be downloaded using the links below.  Once the program has been downloaded and installed on your machine, you will not have to repeat the procedure the next time you visit our site.

  • Download Adobe Acrobat  External Link  
  • Visual Impairments Adobe PDF Reader  External Link  
    If you have a visual disability, Adobe offers a reader program that helps you view PDF files.
  • PDF Conversion to HTML  External Link  
    If your reader is having problems reading a PDF file, you may want to try the PDF conversion from the Adobe web site. Note: Before you go to their web site, copy the URL of the PDF you are trying to view. After you get to the adobe site, paste the URL into field and Adobe will convert it for you for free.
  • Acrobat Reader - Support  External Link  

Additional Details
For those users that do not like the way Adoobe Acrobat Reader integrates itself as a helper app with Internet Explorer, there is a setting in Acrobat Reader to control that. After installing Acrobat Reader, launch it and go to Edit -> Preferences -> Internet. Click on the checkbox labeled "Display PDF in Browser". If that is not checked, then when a .PDF doc is selected, a dialog box will display asking whether you wish to open the file or save it. If the box is checked, then the .PDF doc will open within an IE window.

Note: You "should" un-install previous versions of Acrobat Reader before installing the latest version.