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Celebrating Student Success - 2010

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Champion Schools

For eight years, schools from around the state were recognized for their outstanding work in closing the achievement gap. The ten 2010 Celebrating Student Success Champion schools are listed below along with their award applications. Each Champion school received a $3,000 grant award provided by business sponsors and a trophy. See below for school stories and videos.

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Claggett Creek Middle School

Salem/Keizer School District Claggett Creek

Claggett Creek's Story

“While not every student may be college bound, Claggett Creek wants every student to believe they have the choice to pursue higher education.”
Pete Danner, Principal

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To contact Claggett Creek click here or call 503-399-3701.

East Elementary

Tillamook School District

East Elementary

East's Story

"You can't say you've arrived, you have to continue to look at ways to improve."
Greg English, Principal

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To contact East click here or call 503-842-7544.

Lent Elementary

Portland Public Schools Lent Elementary

Lent's Story

"Lent is in the process of transitioning into a stronger learning community during its recently completed switch from a K-5 to a K-8 school."
John Horn, Principal

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To contact Lent click here or call 503-916-6322.

Menlo Park Elementary

David Douglas School District

Menlo Park

Menlo Park's Story

"We always have people comment on the feel of the school; it's a beautiful thing."
Andy Long, Principal

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To contact Menlo Park click here or call 503-256-2506.

Molalla High School

Molalla River School District Molalla High School

Molalla's Story

"Test scores and data are a part of how you measure your school, but it's also the feel, that when you walk in the building you see that pride."
Kevin Ricker, Principal

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To contact Molalla click here or call 503-829-2355.

River Road/El Camino del Rio Elementary

Eugene School District

River Road

River Road's Story

"I saw schools that looked like ours getting incredible results. Teams from the school traveled to visit 4 of the 6 award-winning schools that year to learn strategies to close the achievement gap. We looked at what kind of curriculum they were using, what kind of schedule they had, what kind of relationship teachers had with one another, what kind of training they were getting, how they were engaging the parent community. We brought those ideas back and started to change the way we do business."
Paco Furlan, Principal

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To contact River Road click here or call 541-790-7200.

Talent Elementary

Phoenix-Talent School District Talent

Talent's Story

"Being aware of the achievement gap is what drives us to make changes."
Aaron Santi, Principal

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To contact Talent click here or call 541-535-1531.

Vale Middle School

Vale School District


Vale's Story

"The state OAKS test is a measuring stick to see where we are. We think we have the best teachers and the best kids in the state, and we want to prove it."
Matthew Cobb, Principal

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To contact Vale click here or call 541-473-0241.

Valor Middle School

Woodburn School District Valor

Valor's Story

"We've learned how to recognize students for good things."
Victor Vergara, Principal

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To contact Valor click here or call 503-981-2750.

William Walker Elementary

Beaverton School District

William Walker

William Walker's Story

"If a student is not succeeding, it's not about the student, it's about us as educators."
Barbara Evans, Principal

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To contact William Walker click here or call 503-672-3605.

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Continuing Success Schools

The five schools selected as past celebrating student success winners are continuing to show great gains in closing the achievement gap. Each Continuing Success School will receive a $1,000 grant award and trophy in appreciation for continued dedication and success.

Boise-Eliot Elementary

Portland Public Schools Boise-Eliot Elementary

Boise-Eliot's Story

“We’ve really held fast to the fidelity of programs and consistent assessments; we check and recheck to make sure kids are served appropriately.”
Molly Chun, Principal

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To contact Boise-Eliot click here or call 503-916-6171.

Bridgeport Elementary

Tigard-Tualatin School District

Bridgeport Elementaryl

Bridgeport's Story

"The school is committed to implementing research-based best practices with fidelity."
Jerry Nihill, Principal

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To contact Bridgeport click here or call 503-431-4200.

Davis Elementary

Reynolds School District Davis Elementary

Davis' Story

"We use the data to make instructional decisions and adjustments as needed."
Lisa Darnold, Principal

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To contact Davis click here or call 503-665-9193.

Fleming Middle School

Three Rivers/Josephine County School District

Fleming Middle School

Fleming's Story

“If you expect less, you get less. If you expect more, you get more."
Greg Tardieu, Principal

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To contact Fleming click here or call 541-476-8284.

Merrill Elementary

Klamath County School District Merrill Elementary

Merrill's Story

"The data drives us. We know the kids who are sailing and the ones who are struggling."
Larita Ongman, Principal

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To contact Merrill click here or call 541-798-5723.