Oregon Department of Education

Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework - Reading: COMMITMENT

Effective implementation of the Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework requires focused, ongoing commitment to ensure that all students meet or exceed reading goals.

Commitment Key Indicators of School Commitment:

  • Developing a School Reading Plan

  • Implementing the actions necessary to support ALL students meeting or exceeding grade-level reading goals

  • Providing regular reports on formative reading outcomes to school staff, district staff, and the school board and sharing information on progress with parents and the community

  • Using staff and resources effectively

  • Building and promoting a culture of shared responsibility

  • Seeking the active involvement of parents and community members in fostering and promoting reading achievement

The Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework is aligned to Response to Intervention (RTI).

The purpose of the Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework is to ensure that ALL students read at grade level or above as soon as possible after entering school, and that they continue to advance in grade-level reading skills each year across the instructional areas in grades 4-12. For students reading below grade-level, schools specify how they will provide the strongest reading instruction and interventions possible to help students read at grade level.