Oregon Department of Education

Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework-Reading: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

High quality professional development is focused on attaining school reading goals and is guided by assessment data. Six principles of high-quality professional development:

Professional Development
  • Guided by assessment data to attain school reading goals

  • Focused on the implementation of research-based programs and practices

  • Consistent time allocated for educators to plan, reflect on, and refine instruction

  • Multifaceted, coordinated, and ongoing to support teachers and instructional staff on the assessment and instruction of reading priorities

  • Differentiated by position and need

  • Results in a thorough understanding of, and ability to implement reading priorities and practices effectively

The Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework is aligned to Response to Intervention (RTI).

  • Literacy Framework Training Opportunities

The purpose of the Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework is to ensure that ALL students read at grade level or above as soon as possible after entering school, and that they continue to advance in grade-level reading skills each year across the instructional areas in grades 4-12. For students reading below grade-level, schools specify how they will provide the strongest reading instruction and interventions possible to help students read at grade level.