Oregon Department of Education

Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework - Reading: ASSESSMENT

A reliable and valid assessment system in reading for K-12 is linked explicitly to reading goals.

  • An assessment system is used to:

    (a) Screen students for reading problems,

    (b) Systematically monitor progress over time,

    © Determine students’ level of reading proficiency and whether they have met grade-level reading goals, and

    (d) Determine or diagnose potential sources of reading difficulty for students not making adequate progress despite the use of intense intervention.

  • An assessment system relies on measures of reading that are reliable and valid for the purpose they are being used.

  • Reading assessments and measures are linked explicitly to reading goals.

  • Data from reading assessments are used to make instructional decisions about groups of students and individual students.

The Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework is aligned to Response to Intervention (RTI).

The purpose of the Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework is to ensure that ALL students read at grade level or above as soon as possible after entering school, and that they continue to advance in grade-level reading skills each year across the instructional areas in grades 4-12. For students reading below grade-level, schools specify how they will provide the strongest reading instruction and interventions possible to help students read at grade level.