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Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework - Reading: DISTRICT

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The body of the Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework focuses on what schools must do to promote effective reading instruction in every classroom and across all instructional areas. But while this school-level focus is essential, it is not sufficient.

The ongoing work of districts includes establishing an integrated system in each school that is able to structure, deliver, and sustain effective reading instruction throughout the school. The district document, “District Support for the Essential Skill of Reading” is designed for critical strategic planning at the district level.

Each part of the Framework is organized around the same six components that address what the state, districts, and schools must do to promote effective reading instruction for all students. In the Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework navigation graphic, the six components within the circle—Goals, Assessment, Instruction, Leadership, Professional Development, and Commitment—are flanked by the three levels of support without—State, District, and School.

It is the state, district, and school levels working in concert that create the conditions necessary for effective reading instruction to take place in every Oregon classroom so that ALL students are able to develop the reading skills they need to do well in school, earn an Oregon Diploma, and succeed in their next steps.

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District Self-Assessment

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