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  • Tuesday, January 19, 2010

  • Governor Kulongoski and Superintendent Castillo Release Blueprint for K-12 Education Reform MS-Word

    U.S. Department of Education Opens Race to the Top Competition

    November, 11, 2009 U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan released the final application for more than $4 billion from the Race to the Top Funds. Click here for to read press release.

    The application and other final materials click here.

    Oregon Race to the Top Design Team and Working Groups

    The design team will prepare the state’s application with the input and feedback of the work groups. Each of Oregon’s work groups will focus on one of four assurances that a state must make to succeed in the Race to the Top competition:

    1. The use of benchmarked standards and assessments to prepare students for success;
    2. Recruiting and retaining effective teachers and principals;
    3. The use of assessment data to improve instruction and practices; and
    4. Turning around the state’s lowest performing schools.

    The work groups have already begun their work and will continue to meet regularly until a final application is approved by the design team. In addition, the state is in the process of finalizing advisors and stakeholders who will provide feedback on the draft application.

    Full List of Design Team and Working Groups PDF  10/26/2009 (395.02 KB)

    Race to the Top Design Team:
    • Roster PDF  09/24/2009 (5.13 KB)

Working Groups:
  • Standards Assessments and Longitudinal Data Systems - Assessment Team
    • Roster PDF  10/20/2009 (5.44 KB)
  • Standards Assessments and Longitudinal Data Systems - Sub Data Team
    • Roster PDF  10/02/2009 (4.67 KB)
  • Effective Teachers and Principals
    • Roster PDF  10/02/2009 (4.67 KB)
  • Low-performing Schools
    • Roster PDF  10/26/2009 (5.44 KB)

  • Advisors/Stakeholders List PDF  10/28/2009 (16.92 KB)

  • Other:
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) PDF  10/05/2009 (4.72 KB)

  • RTTT Final Application Submitted to US Department of Education

  • Race to the Top Summary Application (2 pages) PDF  01/19/2010 (253.59 KB)
  • RTTT Application Cover Letter PDF  01/19/2010 (554.59 KB)
  • Criteria and Priorities PDF  01/19/2010 (531.52 KB)
  • RTTT Budget PDF  01/19/2010 (1.09 MB)
  • Appendix Table of Contents PDF  01/19/2010 (58.35 KB)
  • Appendix PDF  01/19/2010 (40.01 MB)
  • Districts Involved/Participating with Phase 1 Application Excel Spreadsheet  03/12/2010 (41 KB)

  • RTTT School District Solititation of Guidelines, MOU and Scope of Work

  • Letter from Governor Kulongoski, Superintendent Castillo and Vickie Fleming to School Districts PDF  12/15/2009 (58.38 KB)
  • Exhibit 1 - Scope of Work PDF  12/15/2009 (52.44 KB)
  • Proposed MOU PDF  12/15/2009 (65.74 KB)

  • Final summary of recommendations that will inform the writing of the grant application

  • RTTT Final Summary 12/10/09 PDF  12/23/2009 (66.90 KB)

  • Combined Draft of Working Groups

  • Draft Combined Recommendations of the Working Groups from 10/30/09 Meeting PDF  11/09/2009 (428.95 KB)

  • First Draft of Working Groups

  • Cover Letter from Vickie Fleming, Superintendent of Redmond SD PDF  10/23/2009 (572.25 KB)
  • Teacher and Principal Effectiveness PDF  10/23/2009 (374.12 KB)
  • Low Performing Schools PDF  10/23/2009 (420.21 KB)
  • Standards Assessment and Data PDF  10/23/2009 (317.99 KB)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) PDF  10/23/2009 (405.76 KB)

  • Projected Timelines

    October 15, 2009 - Public Meetings of Work Groups
    October 23, 2009 - Work Group Recommendations from 10/15/09 meeting posted to ODE website, sent to advisors
    October 30, 2009 - Public meeting #1 with Design Team and Work Group Leads
    November 4, 2009 - Draft recommendations from 10/30/09 meeting posted to ODE website, send to advisors
    November 12, 2009 - Public meeting #2 with Design Team

    Completed Public Meetings

    Final Public Meeting with Design Team - November 12, 2009
    2:00-5:00pm Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront – Room Salon D

    Public Meeting with Design Team and Work Group Leads - October 30, 2009:
    1:00-4:00 PM - State Capitol, Hearing Room F (note room change)
    Limited Public testimony welcomed (3 minutes each)
    To listen to this meeting click here

    Public Meetings of the Work Groups - October 15, 2009:

    If you would like to listen to the live audio of these meetings please click on the links below. If you would like to submit feedback please put it in writing and send to here

    Standard Assessment and Data Work Groups
    9:00-12:00 AM - State Capitol, Room 343
    Agenda: Review draft working group recommendations
    To listen to this meeting click here

    Effective Teachers and Principals
    9:00-12:00 AM - State Capitol, Hearing Room E
    Agenda: Review draft working group recommendations
    To listen the first segment of this meeting click here
    To listen the second segment of this meeting click here

    Low-performing Schools
    9:00-12:00 AM - State Capitol, Hearing Room D
    Agenda: Review draft working group recommendations
    No audio is available for this meeting. The sound was turned off because they broke into work groups.

    If you would like to submit feedback or have questions regarding Race to the Top, please click here eMail

    USDOE Guidance & Reading Materials:

    RTTT Criteria and Evidence PDF  09/17/2009 (83.88 KB)
    RTTT Guidance from Joanne Weiss RTF  10/05/2009 (34.53 MB)
    Overview from Colorado, by the National Center on Teacher Quality PDF  09/17/2009 (993.49 KB)

    Oregon Related Materials:

    Oregon Context: Core Values and Beliefs, written by Pat Burk and Courtney Vanderstek MS-Word  09/17/2009 (101.50 KB)
    Oregon Education Roundtable White Paper on Proficiency PDF  09/17/2009 (534.82 KB)
    Proficiency Practice: Oregon’s Innovation in Race to the Top PDF  10/13/2009 (57.97 KB)


    Arne Duncan announcing the guidelines PDF  09/24/2009 (39.02 KB)
    Education Week general overview
    Wisconsin Story on RTTT that Highlights Oregon PDF  11/06/2009 (124.70 KB)
    Remarks by the President on Race to the Top at Graham Road Elementary School PDF  01/19/2010 (63.55 KB)

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