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Title I-D - Reporting, Funding and Evaluating

Eval and Reporting
Title I-D, Subpart 2 data is reported annually as part of the Consolidated District Performance Report (CDPR). Districts report detailed student achievement data in the CDPR and may use that data in the evaluation of Title I-D programs. Funding for Title I-D facilities is determined through an annual child count during the month of October.

  • Consolidated District Performance Report

    The Consolidated District Performance Report (CDPR) opens August 11, 2016 and closes September 23, 2016. Information will be posted here regarding the CDPR data collection.

    • Data Quality

      These resources will assist districts in providing quality data to the Oregon Department of Education and, in turn, assist the Oregon Department of Education in providing quality data to the US Department of Education.
      • Data Brief on Data Quality PDF   09/23/2011 (74.78 KB)
        This is a brief on data quality provided by the N/D Technical Assistance Center.

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      Federal Systems - Education Specialist