Oregon Department of Education

SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY Local Performance Assessment Requirement

The purpose of the local performance assessment requirement is to ensure that Oregon students are afforded opportunities to learn and to receive feedback regarding their academic progress.

Local Performance Assessment Requirements

Local Performance Assessments must be:
  • A standardized measure (e.g. activity, exercise, problem, or work sample scored using the official state scoring guide) embedded within the curriculum that evaluates the application of knowledge and skills;
  • Either a work sample scored using the official state scoring guides or a comparable measure adopted by the district;
  • Administered at least once a year to all students at Grades 3 through 8 and once in high school.

Sample Prompts

Scoring Guide

For local performance assessments, districts may locally develop scoring guidelines so that they can provide feedback to students, or they may use the state Scoring Guide.

Student Language Version of Scoring Guide

Scored Student Work

  • Student Work
    Student work scored using the state Scoring Guide