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Essential Skill Assessment
Read and comprehend a variety of text

Graduation Requirement

Students first enrolled in Grade 9 in the 2008-2009 school year and beyond are required to show that they are able to read and comprehend text in order to graduate.

Students fulfill this graduation requirement by earning at, or above, a specific score (the achievement standard) on one of the approved assessments.

Approved Assessment Categories

ODE-Developed Work Samples

ODE has developed 30 Work Sample prompts in each Essential Skill area, and these are available within the Willamette Education Service District’s ORSkills online system. Ten of these prompts are available without restrictions. The other 20 prompts have the following restrictions.
  • They may only be used by seniors who have not fulfilled their Essential Skills requirement.
  • Students may use only two prompts from each Essential Skill area (e.g., Math, Reading, Writing).
In order to obtain access to the ORSkills online system, District Test Coordinators or school administrators should contact Michelle Slate (Michelle.Slate@wesd.org Email) at Willamette ESD to set up an account.
  • ORSkills FAQ PDF
    Quick reference about the ORSkills online system, including answers to questions about features, benefits, and costs of the system

Work Sample Guidelines

Developing Reading Work Samples

Scoring Reading Work Samples

Administering Reading Work Samples

To Practice
To Fulfill Graduation Requirement

Reading Professional Development and General Resources

Assessment Planning Resources

To support Essential Skills across K-12 curricula, links to instructional planning resources, including Common Core links, and data resources follow.
Standards-Based Instructional Planning

  • Ken Hermens Email    (503) 947-5830
    Assessment - Specialist, English Language Arts