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Local Performance Assessment Requirement


The purpose of the local performance assessment requirement is to ensure that Oregon students are afforded opportunities to learn and to receive feedback regarding their academic progress.

Requirement Description

Local Performance Assessments must be:

  • A standardized measure (e.g. activity, exercise, problem, or work sample scored using the official state scoring guide) embedded within the curriculum that evaluates the application of knowledge and skills.
  • Either a work sample scored using the official state scoring guides or a comparable measure adopted by the district.
  • Administered once a year to all students at grades 3 through 8 and once in high school.
  • Administered in:

Local Performance Assessments should be:

  • Administered in other skill areas as appropriate to the local curriculum. For instance, districts may choose to administer local performance assessments in any of the other areas such as:
    • The Arts
    • Career and Technical Education
    • Engineering Design
    • Health
    • Physical Education
    • Reading
    • Second Language
    • Social Science Analysis

2016-17 Essential Skills and Local Performance Assessment Manual PDF updated  10/13/2016 (1.11 MB)
Required reading for District Test Coordinators. It describes the requirements for Essential Skills assessment options, including requirements regarding development, administration, scoring of assessments.

For Local Performance Assessment information, see pages 26-27.

Work Samples

One Specific Kind of Local Performance Assessment

Local Performance Assessment is a broad category that includes Work Samples. For over a decade, the term Work Samples has referred generally to Local Performance Assessments scored using the State Scoring Guide. In addition to this more general definition, Work Samples also have a more specific definition in the context of the Essential Skills graduation requirement. For Essential Skills purposes, Work Samples must be scored using the State Scoring Guides and must be developed, administered, and scored under strict conditions (described in the Essential Skills and Local Performance Assessment Manual PDF).

For more information on the Work Sample requirements, please see the Essential Skills Assessment pages:

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