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School Gardens

Oregon School Garden Map by County Oregon School Garden Map by School
*NEW*Oregon School Garden Map by County  

Click HERE PDF for a map of gardens by County in Oregon. Updated: 3/27/2014

Click HERE  Word Document for a background of the map. UPDATED 9/23/2013

Click here for an explanation of the   Percentage of school gardens in OregonWord Document

OR School Gardens by County 1_10_13

*NEW* school garden contact info Updated 11/21/2013
Click HERE Excel Spreadsheet for excel spreadsheet of listing of all school gardens and contacts in Oregon.
This is in the process of being updated at least quarterly depending on additions/corrections. The current website configurations doesn't allow us to save the excel files in a "pretty" format, so please excuse some of the formatting.
**If you'd like a very nice looking formatted version of this data, please email me at the contact link at the bottom of the page, and I'll send you the excel file.

Oregon Farm to School - School Garden Goals:
1. Increase the percentage of schools in Oregon that have an edible garden which is actively used for educational activities.
2. Increase the percentage of school gardens that are contributing some produce to their school's meal program.
3. Increase the percentage of school gardens that have a designated, funded School Garden staff position (School Garden Coordinator or Educator).
4. To have at least ONE school garden in every County!
Oregon School Garden Map by School

Updated April 8, 2014

Mapping by Topo.ly
Our new INTERACTIVE,school garden map!

Is your garden here?? Please email me if your information is missing or inaccurate: Rick.sherman@state.or.us

*UPDATED* A Quick, Two Page Overview: How to Start a School Garden  : PDF Document
SPECIAL THANKS to Linn County Master Gardener's for the publication of the new fancy tri-fold flyer format above!

*NEW*  Slow Food USA's Garden Guide. A lot of thought went into this guide to help plan a garden the right way from the start.

Very cool program to help you plan a garden. Trial version - free for 30 days. Very nice tutorial videos. Click HERE

Building a Mini-Hoop House Video  *NEW* External Link A simple and inexpensive way to produce wonderful produce in our climate by extending our cold growing season.

*NEW* External LinkVideo on season extension devices: cloche's, cold frames and tunnels. Done by Gateway Greening

USDA Policy Memo: School Garden Q & As

*NEW* Minimize risks by using this ODE School Garden Food Safety Training & Documentation Manual. Designed to be printed out and placed in a binder. Not a regulatory program, but a tool to enable you to follow practices which will help you serve food from your school garden safely!

Cover PDF
Companion Guide & Instructions (start here!) -Updated 10/17/2013
• Section 1: Garden Checklist: STARTUP MS-Word Updated 10/17/2013
• Section 2: Garden Checklist: WEEKLY MS-Word Updated 10/17/2013
• Section 3: USDA Best Practices for Handling Food PDF
• Section 4: Staff Training & Log Word DocumentUpdated 10/17/2013
• Section 5: Student Training & Log Word DocumentUpdated 10/17/2013
• Section 6: Composting Logs:
  o Hot Composting Log Word Documentupdated 10/17/2013
  o Cold Composting Log Word Documentupdated 10/17/2013

*NEW* Here is all of the above on ONE .pdf document PDF Updated: 10/31/2013

Additional Resources:
-“What to Compost PDF” poster (updated 10/31/12)
-“What NOT to Compost” poster PDF
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Best Practices and other resources from around the country in school garden food safety:

Best Practices for Handling Fresh Produce in Schools
(Nat. School Foodservice Mgmt. Inst)
 External Link

*NEW* the below are fantastic school garden safety resources
that have been updated as of winter 2013:

*NEW* Healthy Gardening Fact Sheet PDF from Oregon Health Authority. Contains links for testing your soil, interpreting soil results, and information on contaminants.

Denver Public Schools/Learning Landscapes/Slow Food:

For Educators Resources
*Curriculum Links UPDATED May 2013*

Team Nutrition Garden Resources
Preschool: Grow it, Try it, Like it: Preschool fun with Fruits & Vegetables
Grades 3-4: The Great Garden Detective Adventure
Grades 5-6: Dig In!

External Link

*NEW*   BOOK LIST Excel Spreadsheet: 400 titles! Children's books dealing with fruits, vegetables & gardening!

Growing School Gardens" TERRIFIC resource for school gardens. See archived webinars such as "school gardens vs. summer vacation" and "winter planning for the spring school garden"  External Link

Marion & Polk Youth Garden Educator Workshop (April 5th, 2014 - 9am-3:30 pm) Oregon State University Extension Master Gardeners: A list of Extension offices for each County in Oregon. A great place to start to get technical questions about gardening answered in your area
Denver has a unique Youth Farmer's Market program at their schools where students learn how to grow, harvest, and sell their produce to the public. Check out their Farmer's Market Handbook HERE PDF.

2014 Oregon School Garden Summet Resource Packet PDF

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    Child Nutrition Program - Nutrition Specialist

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